Céline Dion bares all in a disturbing documentary, between joy and resilience – rts.ch

Céline Dion bares all in a disturbing documentary, between joy and resilience – rts.ch
Céline Dion bares all in a disturbing documentary, between joy and resilience – rts.ch

“My passion for the stage will never die,” says Céline Dion in a documentary that is both poignant and joyful which traces her career and does not avoid the health problems she has been facing for years. “I am: Céline Dion” can be seen on Prime Video from this Tuesday, June 25.

“I am: Céline Dion” reveals everything that is hidden behind her star name. The singer, but also the mother, the wife and in particular the sick person. “I’m not dead,” confided the Quebecer during the premiere of the documentary in New York on June 17.

This disturbing and unreal film allows us to discover behind the scenes, that of a star fighting against a rare and painful neurological disease. The 56-year-old Canadian suffers from stiff person syndrome (RPS), an autoimmune disease with no known cure causing severe pain, difficulty moving and spasms.

“When life imposes a challenge on you, you have two choices: take it head on, or not,” explains Céline Dion, who assures that her decision to discuss her situation in the documentary is both “a great gift and a great responsibility.

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Being able to tell your own story, in your own words

She, who has been rare in public since the announcement of her illness, also hopes that the film will encourage people suffering from the same syndrome. “I feel like I still have a lot of support and a lot of love and I hope that this documentary will help, because it helped me a lot, even if it’s a fight forever, one day at home. times”, also declared Celine Dion during the premiere of the documentary.

In December 2022, the singer with more than 250 million albums sold announced for the first time the illness which forced her to put her career on hold.

Irene Taylor, the director of this documentary which is available on Prime Video from June 25, explained to AFP that Celine Dion had set one condition for making this film: to be able to tell her own story, in her own words, rather than having people talking about her.

Celine Dion reveals herself without makeup

The documentary reveals the daily life of a Céline Dion without makeup, without hairstyle, suffering, grimacing, crying. The international star does not hesitate to deface his perfect image and show himself at his lowest.

The documentary offers archive images of this world-famous stage beast, but also offers a window into his domestic life, with his children and his dogs. He recounts his illness with a long passage showing the star in full crisis, completely immobile and unable to speak.

Despite the certainly marked presence of the loss of this voice which made her reputation, it is Céline Dion’s joie de vivre and unfailing sense of humor which shine through on the screen, like her love for her family, her friends and music.

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“I am: Celine Dion” by Irene Taylor. Watch on Prime Video from June 25, 2024.



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