The finalists will each unveil a new title during the finale of the adventure

The finalists will each unveil a new title during the finale of the adventure
The finalists will each unveil a new title during the finale of the adventure

WE WERE THERE – The five talents had the opportunity to compose an original song with the help of their coaches, and will be able to introduce them to the general public this Saturday evening during the prime.

Information kept secret until now. The five finalists will be able to introduce the public and viewers to their first original title, during the telecrochet final which will be broadcast live this Saturday, May 25 on TF1, from 9:10 p.m. An originality already experienced during season 10, three years ago. We particularly remember the title And bam of Mentissa, protégé of Vianney, who won the trophy.

For Pascal Guix, the artistic producer of the show, it is “the opportunity for candidates to highlight their work. It is a real bridge between “The Voice» and their future as a singer ». Only the two talents who passed the first round of voting during this evening will have the opportunity to compete on their original title, in the hope of winning. The other three will sing their composition in the second part of the evening.

Each coach pitched in and contributed in one way or another to the development of these singles. The latter will be released in the wake of the grand final, in an album also including songs heard during the season, notably covers of certain semi-finalists. Team after team, each candidate accompanied by their – or in the case of Iris – coach, had the opportunity to rehearse the song that they will present on Saturday evening.

Camille Lellouche writing, a title on incest

Enthusiastic and excited by hearing the first notes of their original compositions resonate for the first time on set, the candidates revealed to us, exclusively, their very unique world.

Baptiste was lucky enough to be able to count on his godfather Vianney, to write and compose a song reflecting the universe of the man we already nicknamed “Johnny”. My dream echoes the candidate’s story, evoking the journey of a young artist who wishes to flourish in music. The rocker is one of the rare finalists not to be nostalgic for the end of this adventure which is fast approaching, and is already talking about the sequel: “It’s the culmination of a journey, it’s a first draft for other compositions behind me, I hope.”

In It is not normalsigned Camille Lellouche, Shanys will tackle the theme of incest. “We had a very good time talking with Camille about the subjects we wanted to address in this song. I was very, very moved to be able to defend these causes, these are big subjects to tackle”, the finalist told us. In this poignant title, she speaks directly to a child victim of incest, “That voice in your head is screaming he doesn’t have the right, for everything to end, that mom has to help you”she sings. The handkerchiefs were out for the fusion duo, from the first listen to this waltz with its intense text.

In your eyesthe new hit of the summer?

Perched on top of a cube as she prepares to repeat her original song, Iris asks the team to immortalize this moment. Olympe Chabert, collaborator of Bigflo and Oli, who composed The storm with her, joined the coaches to encourage her. The two brothers warn their protégé. The challenge for her is to manage her emotions well on this walk which explores the quest for oneself, “Let me write to myself the way I want, who else knows me best”sings the young woman with the power that we know so well. The candidate was recalled, while Adnaée, to whom she lost in the semi-final, was approaching the end of her pregnancy and was forced to leave the program. For good reason, the young woman gave birth last night to a little girl.

The only one to have opted for a pop and cheerful register is Gabriel Lobao. In your eyesdesigned by Daysy – to whom we also owe Those we werethe hit by Pierre Garnier — is a song “very intoxicating, joyful, dancing”to use the words of its interpreter. “I think with summer coming it could do it,” he added.

Finally, the youngest this season, Alphonse, opted for a jazzy title. Every time testifies to the young bachelor’s passion for “Jazz of the 50s/60s”. Zazie’s text, taken up by a team of composers, was transposed into a universe reflecting the image of the finalist. “I’m a big brass fan. It was really important to have something that swings and that really represents me”he told us.

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