No, a new version of a study refused by the Lancet in 2023 does not prove the link between vaccination and death

No, a new version of a study refused by the Lancet in 2023 does not prove the link between vaccination and death
No, a new version of a study refused by the Lancet in 2023 does not prove the link between vaccination and death

In 2023, The LANCET censored and rescinded a groundbreaking article on COVID-19 vaccine injuries and autopsies in less than 24 hours, after 100,000 downloads. It has just passed peer review and will be PUBLISHED! 74% of sudden deaths are due to the COVID-19 vaccine! Politicians, the media, TV doctors, the EU, etc. will have to be held accountable.“, wrote on June 19 on X Silvano Trotta, in a publication shared more than 1,500 times.

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The same type of message has also been present on Facebook since mid-June, as in this message from June 24: “We found that 73.9% of deaths were directly due to or significantly contributed to COVID-19 vaccination. Our data suggest a high probability of a causal link between COVID-19 vaccination and death. This is a victory for SCIENCE over CENSORSHIP!!

These publications in French echo, for the most part, a message in English published by William Makis, one of the authors of the study. His post on X on June 19 was shared more than 3,700 times in just five days. As we will see later, he is known for his misleading posts about Covid vaccines.

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A study deleted by the Lancet in 2023 different from that published in January 2024

Silvano Trotta and others therefore maintain that the study they had relayed in July 2023, according to them “censored“, was finally validated by peers and scientific literature.

But as we wrote in July, the article in question, entitled “A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths after COVID-19 Vaccination” was not published in The Lancet (and therefore could not be withdrawn), contrary to what they claim.

It had been posted online on a preprint server associated with the journal, where researchers can upload their work while it is peer-reviewed before, eventually, publication. Since 2018, The Lancet collaborates with Social Science Research Network (SSRN) to offer authors a dedicated pre-publication space called “Preprints with The Lancet” (archived here).

Contacted by AFP, the Lancet Group had confirmed that the article had been removed from the server, citing methodology that did not support the conclusions. The group also insisted: pre-publications “available via SSRN are not Lancet publications or necessarily under review with a Lancet journal.”.

The new study, to which the misleading 2024 publications refer, was published in January 2024 in the journal ESC Heart Failure (archive). But it’s not the same study: elle does not have the same title since it is entitled “Autopsy results in cases of fatal myocarditis induced by Covid vaccines“. Another immediately visible difference: it is now only signed by three of the nine authors of the first study.

But above all, as Professor Mahmoud Zureik, professor of epidemiology and public health and director of the Epi-phare agency, which monitors all health products in France, noted to AFP, “this study no longer has anything to do with the first since instead of 240 deaths we have 28, they have clearly revised their ambition downwards“.

Indeed, in 2023, the authors wrote “a total of 240 deaths (73.9%), [des 325 autopsies examinées en tout, NDLR] have been independently attributed to a direct or significantly induced effect of Covid vaccination“Now they only talk about it.”28 autopsy cases” examined, among which they concluded that “all of these 28 deaths were most likely due to Covid vaccination“, therefore a score of 100%.

Screenshot of extracts from studies published in July 2023 and January 2024

Well-known authors in the conspiracy sphere

The profile of the three authors of the second study (and already contributors to the first) – Roger Hodkinson, William Makis, Peter A McCullough – also raises questions.

Peter McCullough is an American cardiologist who was previously investigated by the AFP for spreading misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines. His unsubstantiated claims about the dangers of vaccines earned him disciplinary action from the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM). Roger Hodkinson claimed that the pandemic was a hoax, assertions widely repeated on social networks in 2020. As for William Makis, he has in the past spread unfounded claims according to which doctors were dying from anti-Covid-19 vaccinations. .

Precedents which prompt Brian Ward, a professor of experimental medicine who studies the adverse effects of vaccines at McGill University in Canada, to be cautious and suspicious. ‘The way they use the word’independently‘here simply means that everyone sat down in a separate room to come to a personal conclusion before sharing their (largely predetermined) classifications with each other.he estimates in an email dated July 12, 2023.

A very limited study which does not allow a causal link to be made

On the very basis of the study, the 2024 study presents a first limitation “obvious“according to Professor Zureik: it concerns”28 autopsy cases believed to be linked to Covid vaccination. Normally when we work on so few subjects, we compensate with very detailed information on each of them: we know their comorbidities, the precise circumstances of the deaths, but the authors do not provide this information“.

This was already a criticism brought to the 2023 study by Zhou Xing, professor of immunology at McMaster University, in Canada, who deplored that it did not seem to take into account the state of health and age of the deceased to explain their death after vaccination.

Also on the analysis method, cardiologist Florian Zores, who responded to AFP on June 21, expresses his reservations: “The authors search the literature [scientifique, NDLR] published cases of autopsies showing myocarditis linked to vaccination. And find… myocarditis linked to vaccination. Without analyzing the number of people vaccinated or the number of autopsies as a denominator. So they find 100% of what they are looking for, but that does not mean as some on social networks claim that 75% of vaccinated people die suddenly”.

As an example of the methodological flaws of the study, Florian Zores notes that in this 2022 article for example (archive), from which they draw data linked to vaccination, the authors only retain the 3 cases of myocarditis associated with vaccination from the 51 cases of myocarditis recorded.

The two studies from 2023 and 2024 co-signed by Peter McCullough are based on other research, Professor Zureik also recalls, including “the authors themselves say that we cannot deduce from their work a direct link between vaccination and myocarditis, and therefore deaths.“.

Myocarditis, a very rare side effect of Covid mRNA vaccination

Allegations about post-vaccinal myocarditis have been legion since 2021, and have been the subject of several AFP verification articles, here in particular on publications which wrongly asserted that 10% of vaccinated people were affected, or here on others who unfoundedly asserted that a million French people were affected.

Myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, has been recognized since the summer of 2021 as adverse effects that can occur following vaccination against Covid-19 with a messenger RNA vaccine (archive).

The problem is having said vaccines do not have any adverse effects, of course they do, few in number and infrequent! But they protect against a serious risk for oneself, but also for others“, explains Professor Zureik, specifying: “Covid vaccination causes myocarditis, with a very low risk, since tens of thousands of doses are needed for one case. So with 7 billion doses in the world, we cannot exclude that there have been deaths due to myocarditis following vaccinations.“.

He is surprised: “all studies have shown that myocarditis occurs mainly in people aged 20-25 and there [NDLR, dans les études de McCullough] we have an average age of 44.”

Another element of questioning according to him: “certain cases noted by the 2023 and 2024 studies occurred after non-messenger RNA vaccinations, but no study to date has shown myocarditis after such vaccines“.

Finally, recalls the director of EpiPhare, “In terms of the benefit of the vaccine, if we take the period before vaccination, there were more than 30,000 hospitalizations under 50 years of age in France, including more than 400 deaths at least in this age group. These numbers literally melted after vaccination“.



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