Julie Castaing, melodic pop as therapy

Julie Castaing, melodic pop as therapy
Julie Castaing, melodic pop as therapy

A clear and soft voice, a welcome piano-cello harmony and an introspective and natural universe. This, in a few words, is the artistic world created by Julie Castaing, between music and photography. The artist, accompanied by her friend Anaïs Bodart, came to show us two of her songs on the #studio3 stage.

Everything gets to me, it’s spleen“. When she sings, her soft voice seems to move on a thread, woven by the melody of her piano and the deep sound of her friend’s cello. She is Julie Castaing, a Pontissalian artist based in Besançon (Doubs), who for two years has been playing in duo with Anaïs Bodard, a talented cellist.

Between them, they set Julie’s intimate world to music. Intimate, and also personal. Because in her songs, Julie Castaing tells her story. If music has always accompanied him, it is a “means of expression“for the young woman, since she was little.”Since I was a child, this has been something very important to me.” she explains. “I started playing the violin before turning to the piano“.

Today, this instrument is essential for me. It was the place where I found myself the most. There was gentleness, it was an instrument that blended perfectly well with the singing.


Anaïs Bodart in her works.

© France Télévisions

All of this, worked on over several years, gave birth to a style that Julie herself describes as “melodic pop”.”Or melancholic pop” she explains. “I have always tried to express what I felt in my texts” continues the artist. “What I kept deep inside, I released, and it helped me move forward. My music is actually very introspective, intimate. Yes, it’s a bit of a therapy that allowed me to turn a corner in my life“.

And the concept takes on its full meaning on the first piece that Julie Castaing performed on the set of #studio 3, the aptly named “Spleen”. “This title represents both sides of my music, dark and light at the same time.” explains the singer. “I start from difficult feelings, to, once in music, soften it all. I wanted to say that spleen is not necessarily negative, that it can bring inspiration“.


Julie Castaing, at ease behind the microphone as well as on the piano.

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And this was verified by Julie Castaing, a multifaceted artist. Because in addition to his musical work, the artist is also a photographer. “Here too, it is an essential means of expression” she confesses. “I quickly linked the two, through my clips, but also with the creation of a “concert-projection”. This allows you to enter even more into my universe, to bring the viewer there“.

Let’s talk about the spectator. If today, Julie Castaing already has an album behind her, (Délivrance, released in 2021), several concerts to her credit and “feels at home on stage”, this was not always the case.

I am naturally shy and reserved. I had to force my nature to get my music heard, to perform live. It was very difficult, but thanks to music, I got through this stage. Now, being able to share my creations with people, to exchange implicitly with them, it’s incredible.

THE live, in fact, Julie Castaing is now looking for him. “The goal now is to find more and more dates” she admits. “I would like to release an EP soon, and why not sign with a label to allow me to take a step forward“. History of taking a new step in a life marked by artistic creation. But be careful, very gently.

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#studio3 was produced by the France 3 Franche-Comté teams:

Images: Jean-Philippe Perret

Video technician: Dominique Perron

Sound: Pierre Mayayo

Lights: Azouz Chaa

Camera operators: Jean-Michel Bohé and Romuald Piniac

Assembly : Pierre Corne

Mixing: Pierre Mayayo

Infographics : Bertrand Poirier and Dominique Perron

Supervision: Clémence Baverel

Journalist: Antoine Comte



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