This batch of “defective” Cristaline water bottle should not be consumed, according to the Regional Health Agency

Many French people are invited to no longer consume this batch of Cristaline brand water bottles. According to analyzes carried out by the Regional Health Agency, this batch would be “defective”. It is therefore recommended to stop drinking it and not to use it for food preparations and drinks for young children.

For several months, the quality of tap water and plastic bottles has been subject to numerous checks, in order to best preserve the health of consumers. Recently, the spring water used for sodas, very popular in France, has been singled out. Indeed, natural pollutants had been detected. However, more fear than harm since the company had succeeded in filtering the perfluorinated.

Cristaline: this batch of bottled water should not be consumed

According to The Parisian, the Mayotte Regional Health Agency alerted residents of the department this Tuesday, May 14, regarding a batch of bottled water. It’s about batch of Cristaline ELENA, identified under the numbering M1 03/11/25, to be found under the bottle cap. The ARS asked the Mahorais to no longer, “consume the bottles belonging to this lot”. However, she did not specify the reasons which led to this decision.

No anomalies was not detected in other bottled waters currently distributed or sold in Mayotte. All other Cristaline water bottles available, including those from ELENA Source with a different batch number, may be consumed”, specifies the Agency. This is not the first time that a batch of Cristaline water bottles has been subject to a product recall.

This batch of “defective” Cristaline water bottle should not be consumed, according to the Regional Health Agency

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photo credit: shutterstock A batch of Cristaline brand water bottles withdrawn from sale.

Product recall: these 2 lots of the Cristaline brand left the sales circuit in a few months

As our colleagues at RMC, another batch of the water brand had been deemed unfit for consumption. Indeed, in January 2024, the Mayotte ARS identified a defective batch of Cristaline NOÉMIE, identified under the number CH 23/10/25. At the time, an abnormal smell led the agency to invite residents to no longer consume this water.

For the Mahorais, the situation is serious. This batch of Cristaline water bottles withdrawn from sale arrives in a tense context where drinking water is struggling to reach homes. Since September 2023, the population of Mayotte is deprived of water 2 days out of 3 and the drought reaches record levels in the poorest department in France. UNICEF even talks about access to water “almost impossible”, detail our colleagues.

Mayotte: is the shortage of drinking water favoring the spread of the cholera epidemic?

In addition, this batch of Cristaline bottles withdrawn, occurs in a health context complicated. Indeed, a few days ago, a 3-year-old child died from cholera. The disease has returned to the French island and has contaminated, according to the latest report from the Minister of Health, Frédéric Velletoux, 67 people ”.

photo credit: shutterstock The French department of Mayotte is facing an unprecedented drought.

This bacterial disease can cause acute diarrhea in infected people and lead to rapid dehydration lasting 1 to 3 days. According to doctors, cholera is caused by the absorption of food or water contaminated by a bacteria, called the bacillus vibrio cholerae or cholera vibrio. According to Dominique Voyent, former director of the ARS of Mayotte, in The Parisian, the spread of the disease East “drinking water supply and sanitation networks” who are said to be “failing in Mayotte” and have been doing so “for years”.



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