Titanic, Forrest Gump… an AI imagines a happy ending to these cult films, and you’re not ready

Artificial intelligence strikes again! And this time, she tackles cult films that didn’t have a happy ending. It was the artist Teginart who did not appreciate the end of Forrest Gump, Titanic or The green Line, who therefore asked an AI to modify it to make it a happy ending. Find out what it’s like!

What if Jack had survived the sinking of the Titanic? What if Forrest Gump ended his days with Jenny? Or what if John Coffey hadn’t been executed at the end of The green Line ? These are endings that we would have loved to see on the big screen. And Teginart decided to make them… in his own way.

The end of the movie I’m a legend

© Warner Bros. / Teginart

The death of Sam, Robert Neville’s dog in I’m a legend is a scene that brought many tears. German Shepherd is euthanized after contracting the virus. A heartbreaking moment that never existed for Teginart. As his creation shows, Sam has never been affected by the virus and continues his adventure alongside Robert.

The prelogy of Star Wars

© 20th Century Fox / Teginart

In Teginart’s version, all’s well that ends well for Anakin, Padmé and Obi-Wan at the end of the prelogy of Star Wars. There was no final fight between Anakin and Obi-Wan, so the trio was never destroyed and even seems to be stronger than ever.

Forrest Gump

The end of Forrest Gump reimagined by an AI
© Paramount / Teginart

The last moments of Forrest Gump tore the hearts of many moviegoers. We learn that Jenny, the soul mate of Tom Hanks’ character, is ill and that she dies some time later, leaving behind Forrest Gump and their child. But for Teginart, Jenny is in good health at the end of the film and even runs after life, alongside her lifelong lover and their son.

The end of the movie Gladiator

The ending of Gladiator reimagined by an AI
© Universal Pictures / Teginart

All’s well that ends well for Gladiator. At least, according to Teginart. In his version, Maximus did not need to kill Emperor Commodus to avenge the deaths of his wife and son. Nor is he stabbed by it. All of them survived in the creation made by artificial intelligence.

breaking Bad

The ending of Breaking Bad reimagined by an AI
© AMC / Teginart

It’s not a film, but the AI ​​had to change the ending of Jane’s character which shocked all fans of the series breaking Bad. The latter dies of an overdose before Walt’s eyes, leaving Jesse at the bottom of the abyss. In the alternate ending of artificial intelligence, Walt saved Jane and she marries Jesse.

The end of The green Line

The end of The Green Line reimagined by an AI
© Warner Bros. / Teginart

It’s one of the most heartbreaking endings in cinema. Despite his innocence, John Coffey was executed at the end of The green Line. If, like many moviegoers, you cried at this scene, this image should bring comfort to your heart since John Coffey is acquitted.

The end of the movie Titanic

The end of Titanic reimagined by an AI
© 20th Century Fox / Teginart

It’s the ending that causes the most debate. Did Jack have any chance of surviving at the end of Titanic ? According to Teginart, yes. He was able to get on the raft and go to the lifeboat, which returned to look for the last survivors.

The end of Titanic reimagined by an AI
© 20th Century Fox / Teginart

And he too was able to live to be 100 years old alongside Rose, who still wears the Heart of the Ocean around her neck.



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