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May 17, 2023 is released Fast & Furious. Dom and his gang are back in action for a final trilogy, via a first opus whose reviews have not been kind. 2.8/5 for France, 56% across the Atlantic, Louis Leterrier’s film hardly convinces spectators anymore: 2.9/5. What about next? Scheduled for 2026, Fast and Furious X part 2 will pick up where the first part left off, always revealing a little more. And for Father’s Day, Vin Diesel shares a first visual with us.

first visual for fast and furious X part 2

It’s May 12, 2023, on the occasion of the preview of Fast and Furious X in Rome, as Vin Diesel explains that the film will in fact be part of a trilogy. And after a Fast and Furious X in 2023, the saga must return to our screens with Fast and Furious X part 2 in 2026. Little information has been shared for this next opus, even if we know that it is once again Louis Leterrier who will be in charge of directing, when the cast will see the merry lads of Dominic Toretto’s gang again show up. nose.

But as Fast and Furious X part 2 is progressing in its production, fans have the right to expect updates. And for Father’s Day, Vin Diesel took advantage of the moment to reveal a first visual of the film. A concept art apparently generated by artificial intelligence, accompanied by a message:

Happy Father’s Day everyone… while I was scouting around Europe for Riddick, the concept art for Fast X part 2 kept coming in… just wait until you see the American road trip. Haha.”

As a reminder, Fast and Furious X ended on a lot of cliffhangers. Between the unexpected reappearance of Gisele (Gal Gadot) and the sacrifice of Jakob (John Cena), It was especially the return of Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) during the post-credits scene that left its mark. The twists and turns follow one another for the final trilogy of Fast and Furiouscarried in particular by its 5-star casting.

To say the excitement for our finale was incredibly high is an understatement“, explained Vin Diesel in a message published on social networks last February. “This grand finale is not just an ending; it’s a celebration of the incredible family we’ve built together. I hope to make you proud!

Fans of the franchise will be able to discover this celebration via two upcoming opuses, the next of which is planned for 2026. It remains to be seen what Vin Diesel and Louis Leterrier have in store for their longtime fans. Fast and Furious X part 2 will be sure to reveal more over the coming months, so stay tuned.


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