“Toulouse, a winning machine designed to be champion”

“Toulouse, a winning machine designed to be champion”
“Toulouse, a winning machine designed to be champion”

Posted by K. D. June 25, 2024

At the dawn of a burning finale of Top 14 which will pit Stade Toulousain against Union Bordeaux Bègles, Guy Novèsicon of French rugby, looked at this duel at the top.

The keys to success according to Guy Novès

“I don’t see who can beat Toulouse today! »

Guy Novès

He asserts with the touch of conviction that characterizes him. His words testify to an unshakeable belief in the Toulouse system, of which he himself once laid the foundations.

Through his analysis of the journey of the two coaches, Yannick Bru and Ugo Mola, Guy Novès raises the importance of knowing how to surround yourself welland praises their ability to structure their teams by infusing them with the spirit of their past experiences.

Mola and Bru, unique trajectories towards success

The prodigal coach looks back on the evolution of Yannick Brumoving from entrepreneurship to coaching, andUgo Line, which was forged through various experiences before taking the reins of Toulouse. Their common faculty?

Knowing how to imbibe a “ culture of winning » symptomatic of the aura of Stade Toulousain.

Noves insists: integrating the Toulouse methodology within Bordeaux is one of the challenges of Yannick Brubut it is his mania that will lead him to transform the Gironde club.

A final under the sign of the Toulouse winning culture

Guy Novès thus predicts a bright future at UBB under the leadership of Bru if we give him time, while emphasizing that for Toulouse, strong from its previous victories and led by Ugo Lineonly a title counts.

He points out the gap between the joy of the Bordelais at having reached the final and the state of mind of the Toulouse residents, where victory is not an objective but a requirement.

“Toulouse, a unique DNA driven towards victory”

“UBB has arguments but… I don’t see who can beat Toulouse today”

Guy Novès

He insists, recalling how the finale often offers us unexpected revelations and twists.

Pour Guy Novèsthe supremacy of Toulouse is based on a training of talented young players and far-sighted recruitment, combining recognized know-how with boundless ambition.

While the outcome of this final will go down in history, Guy Novèswith the eye of a wise man, reminds us that in rugby, as in life, nothing is ever decided in advance.

It remains to be seen whether his predictions will reflect the reality on the ground where, ultimately, it is always play, passion and sharing that write the most beautiful stories.

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