2024 Legislative Elections Val-d’Oise. 10th constituency: Aurélien Taché sees triple, the RN progresses

2024 Legislative Elections Val-d’Oise. 10th constituency: Aurélien Taché sees triple, the RN progresses
2024 Legislative Elections Val-d’Oise. 10th constituency: Aurélien Taché sees triple, the RN progresses


Jerome Cavaretta

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Jul 2, 2024 at 5:45 p.m.

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A second round in the form of a formality. Largely in the lead on Sunday June 30 in the 10e constituency of Val-d’Oise (former cantons of Cergy Nord and Hautil minus Neuville-sur-Oise), Aurélien Taché, 40, is preparing to return to the benches of the National Assembly at the end of the second act of these early legislative elections.

« Mobilisation massive »

The outgoing MP (New Popular Front-Lfi) won 43.13% of the vote (18,306 ballots) and swept the board in six of the nine municipalities in the constituency (Osny, Cergy, Jouy, Vauréal, Courdimanche, Puiseux-Pontoise). Turnout was 65.27%, up 23 points compared to 2022. Aurélien Taché relegated the National Rally candidate, Lisbeth Macé, to 20 points.

Lisbeth Macé, the Rn candidate. ©Dr

The RN dominated the ballots in three municipalities (Boisemont, Boissy-l’Aillerie and Menucourt) and garnered 22.78% of the votes (9,667 votes). A score synonymous with qualification.

“I feel very proud to be in the second round, I am very happy to have succeeded in this challenge, me who is an immigrant, originally from Latin America, breathes this 49-year-old Osnyssoise, registered with the RN for two years. The second round will not be easy, I am facing an opponent who is doing political tourism. I come from civil society, I am responsible for a project in agro-distribution, I am part of the France that works.”

Sonia Krimi calls for a blockade of the RN

The champion of the presidential majority, Sonia Krimi (Renaissance/Ensemble), captured 19.15% of the ballots and saw the second round slip away from her by… 140 votes. “We are far behind the far left, but it is a successful campaign. I needed two more weeks to be ahead of the RN. In the second round, I call for blocking the RN because I know how to recognize my enemies from my opponents. It would be a disgrace not to do so, even if I have many reservations about the quality of the work of the outgoing MP.”

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Safe investment

Unsurprisingly, Edwina Etoré-Manika (LR) will also be deprived of a second round. The departmental councillor of Cergy 2 gathered 10.01% of the votes and achieved an honourable result at the end of a courageous campaign orchestrated in the perilous context of a right in full decline. She gave no instructions for Sunday. “Voters do not belong to anyone. Everyone will vote according to their soul and conscience”.

In a land rooted on the left, the second round will pit the New Popular Front against the National Rally. A duel with a certain outcome: victory for the united left.

“It’s dramatic, we have an RN that is about to govern the country. They are going to create a terrible climate,” reacted Aurélien Taché on Sunday evening.

The outgoing MP is calling for a “massive and determined” mobilization in a national landscape dominated by the RN. “We need areas of resistance against this extreme right. Here, in Cergy-Pontoise, we have not lost our compass and our values. We must give a clear signal in the second round. Here, the RN will never be in the majority. This left-wing France is still there. We must stop what we see trembling. I am very proud tonight to be from Cergy, to be in a territory that resists the extreme right. Many people stood up to say no. Thank you to the people of Cergy-Pontoise!”

In Cergy-Pontoise, the RN is already more than a tremor. A safe haven for thousands of voters. With an unknown candidate who led a (very) discreet campaign in the constituency, the far-right party progressed by 8.5 points between the 2022 and 2024 legislative elections (14.27% in 2022). Better still, in seven years, from 2017 to 2024, it gained 12.4 points (10.37% to 22.78%). On Sunday evening, for the first time, the RN qualified for a second round in the 10e constituency. For the first time also, the former National Front erases the bar of the first round in a vote that is played out in Cergy. Daisy Yaïch (Lfi), the substitute of Aurélien Taché, makes no mistake. “We are going to reach out to all those who want to block the RN, we must send a powerful message and show that Cergy and the 10e constituencies remain more than ever left-wing territories.” Against all expectations, the second round will not be without stakes in the former New Town.

The results

Aurélien Taché (New Popular Front-related to LFI, outgoing MP): 43.13%. Edwina Etoré-Manika (The Republicans): 10.01%. Sonia Krimi (Renaissance, Together): 19.15%. Christophe Flaux (Workers’ Struggle): 1.15%. Albert Saint-Jean (Union of Democrats and Independents): 2.61%. Lisbeth Macé (National Rally): 22.78%. Jean Caillot (Npa Revolutionaries): 0.02%. Souade De La Faye (sovereignist right): 1.15%.

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