Without the RN, the debate in the Quimper constituency turns into a duel

Republican kisses before and after the debate, summarizing the climate of the exchanges of this tense inter-round. An absence of aggressiveness. On the Tébéo set, Annaïg Le Meur and Grégory Lebert agreed to deplore the absence of the National Rally candidate, Christel Hénaff, who was invited but declined.

Annaïg Le Meur (Renaissance): “The most astonishing thing is that we have a candidate that we have never seen, on the ground, on posters. And who refuses to debate. It is the very fact of the RN to be anti-parliamentarian. We do not play on fear as the RN regularly does.”

Gregory Lebert (New Popular Front): “I agree with you that we can only deplore the absence of the RN candidate today, but also on the ground. We never see her, anywhere. But for me there is no surprise, the RN score has been announced for a long time. You say that you are not stirring up fears, but the RN has been demonized and de-demonized for political reasons. Seven years of Macronie have led us to this situation.”

Gregory Lebert. (The Telegram/Yves Madec)
  • 2 Purchasing power

    Annaïg Le Meur: “We have a proposal to lower employers’ social security contributions to better compensate employees. We have also planned bonuses, but we don’t live on bonuses alone. For me, the priority is housing, which represents 31% of household expenditure.”

    Gregory Lebert: “We are proposing a minimum wage of €1,600. There will be support measures for VSEs, SMEs and associations. Emmanuel Macron has supported businesses to the tune of €200 billion, without asking them for any social or environmental compensation. We want wages indexed to inflation, a price freeze on basic necessities, a 10% increase in housing benefits, and thermal renovation of housing…”

    Annaïg Le Meur: “On the price freeze, we are still in the agri-food sector, these are local companies that will find themselves in difficulty because they will not be able to adapt. The risk is job losses for our territory.”

  • 3 Safety

    Annaïg Le Meur: “There is real insecurity, discontent is increasing in the territory. I worked on this during the previous mandate to increase the number of police officers in Quimper. We must also talk about domestic violence, we have developed specialized units.”

    Annaïg Le Meur. (The Telegram/Yves Madec)

    Gregory Lebert: “It’s an essential question. There are a certain number of subjects on the left that are taboo, that we haven’t dared to look at. We need proximity, larger local police stations. But security is also prevention, and taking an interest in the causes of acts of violence. They don’t come out of nowhere, we must take an interest in social issues, purchasing power, poor housing.”

  • 4 Housing

    Gregory Lebert: “We are proposing the creation of 200,000 public housing units per year. We would then like a zero-interest loan for first-time buyers and rent control in high-demand areas. I know that you voted against it. There are some fairly positive things in your bill, drawn up with a socialist, and we supported it. But it doesn’t go far enough. The tax reduction rate is still too high.”

    Without the RN, the debate in the Quimper constituency turns into a duel
    (The Telegram/Yves Madec)

    Annaïg Le Meur: “It is not fair that people who work cannot find housing. We have felt this since 2022, I have taken this issue in hand. I have done a lot of work, particularly on taxation. With your proposal to revisit the law on squats and unpaid rents, it is not going to reassure people in the private sector to put their properties back up for rent.”

  • 5 Agriculture and Mélenchon: the questions that annoy

    The two candidates each asked each other a question. The outgoing MP asked if he wanted a Prime Minister from La France Insoumise.

    Gregory Lebert: “I know that what is of interest is the question of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. I am an environmentalist. The New Popular Front is not France Insoumise, it is not Jean-Luc Mélenchon. I do not support Jean-Luc Mélenchon as Prime Minister. Things will be done in due time.”

    The candidates, surrounded by the head of the Quimper territory, Régis Nescop (left), and Christophe Bouche, editor-in-chief of Tébéo & Tébésud. (Le Télégramme/Yves Madec)

    Gregory Lebert questioned his rival on the vote against the floor price for farmers. “Why do you refuse to protect our farmers?”

    Annaïg Le Meur: “We protect them, I have been part of the Economic Affairs Committee since 2017, it was a commitment to our territory and farmers for better remuneration. We did it in terms of pensions in particular. There is also better remuneration through the EGalim law. We have also developed territorial food programs that take their place in our municipalities. We respond sustainably by protecting all commercial exchanges, at the level of contracts between producers and distributors and processors.”

    Gregory Lebert: “On the EGalim law, there is no possible sanction. There are some interesting things, but they remain half-measures. Farmers are in a difficult situation to which you are not providing a lasting response. We must work on the issue of import and export to protect them.”

The debate can be seen again on Tébéo (channel 31 on TNT, 353 on Orange, 929 on Free, 529 on Numericable, 383 on BBox). Wednesday, July 3 at 8 a.m., 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. Thursday, July 4 at 12:15 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 6:45 p.m. and 11 p.m. Friday, July 5 at 1 p.m.



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