7th constituency of the Alpes-Maritimes: Eric Pauget on conquered ground?

7th constituency of the Alpes-Maritimes: Eric Pauget on conquered ground?
7th constituency of the Alpes-Maritimes: Eric Pauget on conquered ground?

This time, there will be fewer of them seeking the mandate of deputy for the 7th constituency which brings together, to the west of the department, the city of Antibes and its surroundings.

The inventory

Where there were 14 in 2022, there are in fact “only” 8 – which is already quite a lot given the tight timing of these elections – to stand against the outgoing candidate, Les Républicains candidate Eric Pauget. Who did not hesitate for a minute before resuming his seat on this territory long acquired by the traditional right (UDF, UMP then LR).


So will Eric Pauget be back for a third time? Will his local roots and his record of 7 years in office be enough to establish his position as a legitimate candidate on this right-wing land?

What impact will the explosion created by Eric Ciotti at Les Républicains also have on this 7th constituency? Will Eric Pauget be rewarded for his choice of independence vis-à-vis “[son] ami” ?

A few weeks after the Europeans who largely placed Jordan Bardella’s National Rally list at the top, Eric Pauget will still have to closely scrutinize the actions of the National Rally candidate, Thierry Ferrand. And this, even if he remains a complete stranger in the territory.

As for the New Popular Front represented by the LFI candidate Arthur Meyer-Abbatucci, who was already a candidate in 2022, will it be able to seduce the left-wing electorate of municipalities like Bar-sur-Loup or Valbonne where in 2022 its list had made spikes at 25%? And gain a few more votes thanks to this new movement?

Finally, what about the “Macron” wave which had a profound impact on the 2017 legislative elections? The same one which had also impacted those of 2022, undoubtedly helped by the (already) complicated situation among the LR and because it was also supported by a candidate who was also very local, Eric Mèle, the mayor of Gourdon since 1995?

Finally, in this territory where abstention was 52% two years ago, towards which clan will the voting momentum that all the polling institutes announce be carried?

The weight of the 2022 ballot

Two years later, the Macron wave seems to have seriously taken on water. The duel that Eric Pauget will have to lead therefore moves to the right towards the National Rally. Facing him, an RN candidate, Thierry Ferrand who, here, appears as a complete unknown, the authorities of Marine Le Pen’s party having preferred to put their best soldiers in other constituencies. This seems to foreshadow an avenue for the outgoing LR candidate.

What will be debated

Unsurprisingly, security will undoubtedly be at the heart of the themes put forward by the right-wing candidates. Housing in this constituency where prices per m2 have soared will undoubtedly also be at the heart of the debate. Just like the subject of purchasing power which the New Popular Front will not fail to raise loud and clear.

The 7th constituency of the Alpes-Maritimes brings together the city of Antibes and its surroundings to the west. It includes the following cantons: Antibes-Biot, Antibes-Centre, Bar-sur-Loup, Vallauris-Antibes-Ouest.

Find this Tuesday at 6 p.m. on our website and our social networks the debate of the 7th district, recorded in the studio of Nice morning.



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