In Grenoble, PPX is carrying out a truly sustainable project

In Grenoble, PPX is carrying out a truly sustainable project
In Grenoble, PPX is carrying out a truly sustainable project

In Grenoble, in the heart of the Presqu’Ile ZAC, Petitdidierprioux architects created the Ginkgo residence, a building with multiple qualities which not only offers great comfort to residents but concentrates many energy qualities. Innovation, performance and generosity are the watchwords of tailor-made architecture, as functional as it is aesthetic.

Winner of the 2024 Passive Building Trophies in the “New Collective Project” category, the Ginkgo residence created by Cédric Petitdidier and Vincent Prioux takes place on an original plotadopts the place and splits to open towards the heart of the block.

It is a skillfully elaborate work which demonstrates real know-how bringing various resolutions into harmony. On an urban complex which bears the prestigious signature of Christian de Portzamparc, the PPX agency inherits a strategic plot which it approaches with precision.

An architectural ensemble that blends into the decor

In their architectural gesture, the architects opt for the cutting of the volumes which results in an emergence on the main street as well as a second building lower and tiered on the garden side. A double language as well as an equivocal expression which speaks to the surrounding landscape dominated by the impressive Chartreuse massif.

Likewise, particular attention was given to the choice of colorimetry. Cédric Petitdidier explains to us that the Ginkgo residence adopts three dominant colors including white which nods to the omnipresent snow on the surrounding mountains, the gray green of the mountain which is also found in the water of the rivers and the warmer color of the wood which adorns the roofs of the surrounding houses. These are compositional elements that guided the making of this remarkable piece.

Photo credits: Sergio Grazia

Thermal comfort as a requirement

From the start, the client’s wish was to have a passive building. For architects, this was an important element to take into consideration at the design stage. In addition, it was a challenge to be able to address the question of sustainability through architectural writing, a challenge brilliantly taken up by the founders of PPX who focused on the fundamentals and found through their gesture adequate responses which raise the project towards the label of requirement.

The result is a project capable of interacting with the city as an element of urbanity. The ten-story tower with a mixed program made up of offices and housing favors comfort that goes beyond simple thermal comfort, thanks to its double skin, both horizontal with the slabs and vertical with the posts to hide even the low rays of the sun. This facade which does not heat up or as little as possible, in addition to the technical device such as reinforced exterior insulation, includes a gray-green cladding skin that no longer leaves room for thermal bridges. Equipped with good inertia, the building can be fitted with large windows which provide great light to the interiors.

Air conditioning is absent from the project, however, the architects have planned that if necessary, residents can use geothermal energy to cool the building. A heating system provided by a heat pump on the water table, and a passive cooling system “ free cooling »to cool homes as well as offices, complete the technical arsenal which propels the whole towards PassivHaus certification.

Photo credits: Sergio Grazia

A project carried out with and for local businesses

The two buildings which make up a set that is both elegant and harmonious offer connected accommodation of various sizes with balconies or large terraces which provide all residents with a panoramic view of the surroundings. The interiors reflect the exterior, created with the greatest care for the comfort of all.

In addition to the housing which quickly found takers, the building accommodates the Edifim Grenoble teams formerly based in Meylan. Thus, the client chose to settle in premises skilfully designed and built by PPX. Note also that Petitdidier and Prioux were supported for the construction phase by the A3 architectural agency established in Grenoble. Local companies have also made their contribution, so it is a very virtuous project from every point of view. An architecture of character which contributes to enhancing the neighborhood where it is located. “ It was a very nice experience », concludes Cédric Petitdidier.

Sipane Hoh
Photo from one: Sergio Grazia



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