Music / Concert: The Sarreguemines Conservatory comes to the Reformed Temple

Music / Concert

Date: Saturday June 29, 2024

1718981915_87_placeholder.svg.svg+xmlLocation: Former Reformed Temple of Sarre-Union

Price: free entry – basket

Organizer: Cultural space of the Temple of Sarre-Union

Info and reservations:

It will be next Saturday, June 29 at 8 p.m. that the Vocal Ensemble and the instrumental group INSIEME will perform at the Temple Cultural Space in Sarre-Union. In all, around forty speakers.

The Vocal Ensemble of the Sarreguemines Conservatory has existed since 1978 as a choral singing class. He formed an association in 1982 to be able to sing abroad, notably in Israel, England, Italy, Hungary or participate in competitions such as the Choregies of Prague in 1995 (where he won the 2th price with the Bird song by Clément Janequin) and thus propagate and make known the classical repertoire to an audience as varied as it is international.
The choristers make a point of making known the works of French music.

The number of choristers is harmoniously distributed between the four sections (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass) and varies between 30 and 55 choristers depending on the year and the program.

Specializing in the great works of the classical repertoire, through the performance of religious or secular works by composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Cherubini, Fauré, Dvořák, Verdi, Vivaldi, Schubert or Brahms to name just a few, the vocal ensemble also offers you more popular local and international songs, extracts from operas or musicals to bring the music of the choirs closer to hearts.

The concert will take place under the direction of its conductor, Benoît SCHAEFFER. State-certified flute teacher at the Sarreguemines Conservatory since 1994, choir director of the Vocal Ensemble of the Sarreguemines Conservatory since 2010, head of the conservatory student orchestra since 2005, Benoît Schaeffer has written songs for these groups. fun and affordable adaptations of pieces from the repertoire.

The evening’s program includes the Hungarian Dances of Johannes Brahms as well as the Mass in D Major by Antonin DVOŘÁK.

An interesting evening not to be missed. Free entry, basket on exit. Cordial invitation to all music lovers.

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