DIRECT. Austria-France, live pre-match: Saliba and Rabiot starters, all the information not to be missed before France – Austria

Deschamps, master of his future

Alaba, the captain who became assistant

David Alaba in the middle of a selfie session on Wednesday at the Olympiastadion in Berlin. (Expa/sports press)

Why Germany is ahead in terms of security in and around stadiums

Security during England's training in Bavaria on Monday. (Christian Charisius/picture alliance/dpa/Pressesports/Picture alliance/dpa)

The secrets of Kanté’s activity

(The Team)

With Austria, watch out for the kick-off

Austrian players are used to starting their matches very strong. (Thomas Haumer/EXPA/PRESSE SPORTS/L’Equipe)

Rabiot, the reasons for a choice

Adrien Rabiot training with the Blues in Paderborn. (S. Mantey/The Team)

Saliba, the big evening

William Saliba likes pressure. (S. Mantey/The Team)

A record attendance for the French

The Irrésistibles Français during the France-Germany friendly match (0-2), March 23 at Groupama Stadium in Lyon. (S. Mantey/The Team)

Can Kanté become essential again?

N'Golo Kanté during France-Canada (0-0), last Sunday in Bordeaux. (S.Mantey/L’Equipe)


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