Comedian Bobby Slayton returns to Montreal with a new show

Bobby Slayton’s humor is without mercy. His unstoppable mouth has propelled him to the status ofone of Montreal’s most popular comedians. This July 19, his brand new show Nastier than Ever» settles in the 9th. The show promises to be more dangerous than everenough to make those who are politically correct tremble.

If you are already a fan of Nasty Showyou know what awaits you… and if you’ve never experienced it, prepare yourself to a legendary spectacle in the heart of the 9th.

Grab your tickets for this unique humorous experience in an emblematic place in Montreal!

Bobby Slayton, “Nastier than Ever”

Bobby Slayton’s honesty and intensity help make The Nasty Show the most popular franchise of the “Juste Pour Rire” Festival. After participating in two editions of the show, the comedian Derek Seguin became a regular on the Nasty Show. He returns to Montreal for this new show “Nastier than Ever” asspecial guestenough to delight his fans.

“Nastier than Ever” will take place on Friday July 19 at 7 p.m. for one evening only.

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Bobby Slayton is back... badder than ever!Bobby Slayton is back... badder than ever!

Bobby Slayton is back… badder than ever!

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