Orne: educated in Bellême, Sève is the Little Reading Champion of Normandy

Orne: educated in Bellême, Sève is the Little Reading Champion of Normandy
Orne: educated in Bellême, Sève is the Little Reading Champion of Normandy



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May 23, 2024 at 8:30 a.m.

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An explosion of joy! Therefore Sève Jamart-Alessandri, 10 years old, explains how he felt when he discovered that he had just won the title of Little reading champion from NormandyWednesday May 15, 2024. Attended primary school in Bellême (Orne) in CM2 class, the young boy is today the pride of his classmates and his teachers.

Three minutes to become a Little Reading Champion

Three minutes to read its text and 20 seconds to explain it. This is the time allotted for this reading aloud competition (created in 2012) reserved for CM1 and CM2 students. Sève had chosen an extract from the book “Projet indigo” byAgnes Laroche.

A work of fiction that the boy discovered during another competition, The Prize of the Incorruptibles, last year with his class. “You had to read selected books and then vote for your favorite author,” explains Sève. “It’s a book that talks about the sea, which I love, and a sad subject which is the disappearance of a father. »

Very touched

Wednesday May 15, in the Oscar Niemeyer library in Le Havre, his voice did not tremble. Encouraged by his family, his teacher Cécile Arambourou, the director, Samuel Cogneau, and two educational advisors from the department, Sève showed himself to be better than the eleven other candidates, including a friend from his school, Marianne Bataille, also selected after the departmental final.

I am very happy, but also very moved to have won. I exploded with joy!

Sève Jamart-Assandri.

To prepare, he rehearsed extensively with his family and classmates.

But everything is not over. Sève is now focused on the final, which will be held on Wednesday June 26 at the French comedy.

The association will select a book and the author will come to the school to meet Sève who will choose the extract he will have to read.

Samuel Cogneau, the director.

The principal does not hide his pride at having a regional champion in his school. “We had two candidates selected, it’s already a great reward. We have been participating in this competition since 2017 and we prepare children from CP-CE1. It is a very good work support. »

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We must now wait until June 26 to find out if Sève will bring the national title back to Orne.

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