for Ascension, Swiss tourists filled the campsites

for Ascension, Swiss tourists filled the campsites
for Ascension, Swiss tourists filled the Doubs campsites

Successful start to the season for campsites. This Sunday, May 12 marked the end of the Ascension long weekend and many establishments were full. Largely thanks to Swiss vacationers, who did not hesitate to cross the border. Example in Ornans, in the Loue Valley.

Valérie Gibot can smile. On May 12, 2024, the manager of the Chanet campsite in Ornans (Doubs) completed a particularly satisfactory Ascension weekend. “With the sun, these last few days have been excellent” she says at the microphone of our journalists Jérémy Chevreuil and Denis Colle. “We just reopened, it feels good. It’s simple, this week we were full. “.

And in this successful start to the season, it is largely thanks to… Swiss tourists. “They are in the majority, we thank them” laughs Valérie Gibot. “Over the last seven days, 70% of the campsite’s occupants were Swiss“. A figure that may seem impressive. But not for the manager. “For several years, it has been recurring. Before the summer holidays, they come to a place not far from home because they really appreciate the region“.

And what do the main stakeholders think? Collecting testimonials from Swiss vacationers is easy at the Chanet campsite. Here is that of Karine, who came from Montreux with her whole family. “Ornans, it’s very close to the house, you can be there in an hour without traffic” she says. “And then the landscapes are magnificent, and quite different from where we live. It’s a bit of a change of scenery within reach of a camper vanr”.

The beauty of the Loue Valley is an argument that comes up a lot. “It’s sure, the setting is ideal” explains a father from the Swiss Jura. “We mainly come for the climbing sites, to enjoy our first vacation of the year. We are all ready and then here, there is everything: nature, food. It’s an incredible playground“.

An incredible playground that this Geneva native knows well. “We have been coming for several years to see the cliffs, the forests, but also the town of Ornans“she teaches us.”Why are there so many Swiss? We like nature, that must be it. And we’re not far away, so you just have to pass once and you’ll want to come back“.

A little taste of “come back” spread, according to Valérie Gibot, manager of the Chanet campsite, by word of mouth. “Before, we no longer had people who came from the cantons of Neuchâtel and Vaux” she adds. “But now, we even have German Swiss. For us, it’s all good, they bring a lot of entertainment and excitement and come for hiking, cycling, canoeing, caving. It moves !”

Another argument that affects the influx of Swiss tourists: prices, much cheaper in than in their native country. Nature, proximity, prices, sporting activities… This is what could explain the large number of our Swiss friends coming. A phenomenon that is not about to stop. All the Swiss people interviewed told us they wanted to return as quickly as possible.



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