the station area will change its face


The excavators have been at work for several months now, but it was mainly for demolition and clean-up work. The real work on the Rivadour complex begins now. The land is approximately 10,000 square meters, and it was occupied for decades by Dassé construction, even the site had not been used for around ten years.

“There were also a few commercial cells and a private house. We carried out the demolition and decontamination of the site, an operation which was rather long and delicate, we found a bit of everything, there were industries in the past. The site was completely emptied a year ago, and now we are starting the work phase,” confirms promoter Pierre Sizaire.

He runs a family business, Neretzat, specializing in the restructuring of former industrial zones and wastelands. “We carried out operations such as the reconfiguration of the Rex in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the Forum in Bayonne, or even in the Pédebert zone, in Soorts-Hossegor. »

The Arcad architectural firm from Saint-Paul-lès-Dax was responsible for designing the future buildings. While access to the site has already been established, the passage of trucks from the Castex company, which has a warehouse at the rear of the plot, has been studied at length to facilitate deliveries during and after the construction phases.

After a long decontamination phase, the surveyors are at work to begin the work.

Isabelle Louvier/SO

Requalification “Heart of the city”

Two main buildings will be located on the 10,000 square meters of the wasteland. “We will mainly have shops and offices. The building, which is located next to the Adour, must meet certain standards, even if there is a dike, it will therefore be built on stilts, with a parking island on the ground floor. We still have premises to market, but the plot is strategic: we are in the Cœur de ville requalification program, the station is a nerve center that goes all the way to the center, so there is a concern to requalify along both avenues. On one side with housing and the Nexity project; and on the other, services and shops. Of course, the Natural Flood Risk Prevention Plan (PPRI) imposes additional constraints,” recognizes Pierre Sizaire.

This is a major new project which is beginning, in a district undergoing complete transformation, between the Nexity housing units and the second phase of the Confluences project, opposite the station.

Isabelle Louvier/SO

Rémy Allio, from the Arcad firm, reveals a little more about the aesthetics of the project: “We wanted a building that was quite striking, while remaining simple. It’s one of the entrances to the city of Dax, we want to use quality materials, that there is a signature. Financial resources have been allocated, with specific discounts, for greening, to avoid storing heat, with car parks under the buildings, some 160 spaces. We are going to welcome a restaurateur, finalist of the French burger championship, who is setting up in Dax, there is another cell left for catering, there are terraces to accommodate a coffee-shop or something like that, institutions are also interested… We also have a coworking space project, but it is in the study phase…”

There are still a few lots left to rent or buy, the first deliveries are announced for early 2025.



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