Xiaomi’s electric SUV arrives faster than expected

Xiaomi’s electric SUV arrives faster than expected
Xiaomi’s electric SUV arrives faster than expected

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Ten years ago, talking about Xiaomi immediately brought to mind the image of accessible and efficient smartphones. Today, it seems that the Chinese giant is poised to transform the automobile industry with equal brilliance. Xiaomi’s recent foray into the electric car sector gives us a fascinating perspective on the future of electric mobility.

An impressive start for Xiaomi Automobile

A glimpse of this future was recently revealed through spy photos circulating on local Chinese media, revealing the design of a new model of electric car which seems ready to compete with giants like the Tesla Model Y.

The division dedicated to electric vehicles of Xiaomi, named Xiaomi Automobile, was created only three years ago. In a short time, this entity made a spectacular entrance with the launch of its first 100% electric model, the SU7, in December 2023. The reception of this vehicle was so phenomenal that, from the first 27 minutes of its launch, sale, this one has accumulated more than 50,000 orderspushing the company to rapidly expand its production. Coming from a direct sales strategy, these impressive figures have solidified Xiaomi’s commitment to this booming sector.

Following this resounding success, it took Xiaomi Automobile less than six months to start creating a second modelpositioning the company as a direct competitor to Tesla, in particular its popular Model Y. This responsiveness reflects a clear ambition to enter the arena of car manufacturers in the long term. electric cars premium.

A promising new model in development

Images obtained by Chinese media outlet Xchuxing offer a first look at what Xiaomi is preparing for its next electric SUV offensive. Although the model is covered in camouflagesome suggestive details stand out: the presence of a LiDAR sensor similar to that of the SU7 which will equip this new model to support Xiaomi’s advanced ADAS system, called NOA (Navigate on Pilot).

The exterior architecture of the vehicle indicates a SUV coupe format which seems to be inspired by prestigious designs like that of the Ferrari Purosangue, although retaining a unique identifier specific to Xiaomi. These elements suggest a successful fusion between high technology and refined aesthetics. This new model is expected to be officially launched in 2025 and promises to strengthen Xiaomi’s competitiveness against established players like Tesla and Porsche.

What can we expect from the future?

The initial success of the SU7 and the speed with which Xiaomi Automobile is developing its second model speak volumes about the company’s goals. Xiaomi seems determined not only to participate in the market of electric vehicles, but to play a leading role with significant innovations both in terms of on-board technology and vehicle design. This strategy is consistent with Xiaomi’s brand image in other sectors, where it combines quality, performance and accessibility.

With this new model, Xiaomi is not only expanding its product range; it also takes an active part in the transformation of the global automotive landscape. Consumers are faced with an alternative that is increasingly rich in style and technological capabilities, thus pushing industry standards ever higher.

Written by François Zhang-Ming

I have always shown a keen interest in science and technology from a very young age. I have a dual culture, Chinese through my mother and French through my father but also through my studies, which allows me to be very familiar with the technological innovations of the Far East.

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