The Livres du Soir audiobook: “Empty cupboards” by Annie Ernaux

The first novel of the 2022 Nobel Prize winner. Already with its naked writing and its themes: woman, family, social divide. Read by Rebecca Marder.

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Jean-Claude Vantroyen

Journalist at the Culture department

By Jean-Claude Vantroyen

Published on 06/13/2024 at 4:50 p.m.
Reading time: 2 min

D‘Annie Ernaux, Jacques De Decker had written in The evening : “The books of Annie Ernaux, since the first, published more than twenty years ago, Empty cupboards, give the impression that a voice is speaking to us, too long contained, which has matured for a long time what it had to say, then decided to let go of everything, but with the parsimony of those who still doubt whether they will be heard, who do not don’t know if what they say will be worth the attention of the other, who almost seem to fear the blows. Annie Ernaux has become a writer since she cried out for the first time, but she is still marked by the need to speak despite her ambient deafness. »

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