Philippe Bouvard bows out

Philippe Bouvard bows out
Philippe Bouvard bows out

The journalist announced that he was retiring from RTL in January, ending a 60-year career on the radio.

He left “Les Grosses têtes” to the applause and emotion of rue Bayard in 2014, but he kept in touch with RTL listeners every Sunday. Philippe Bouvard, the tireless 94-year-old journalist, announced on Sunday that he would cut the microphone in January, on the occasion of his sixtieth anniversary on the air, “a world record”, according to the station.

«IThere is a temptation, which is not a temptation of laziness, but a temptation of record, it is to go until January 1st, it will not be bad enough, and then to listen to the others and to remain silent», explained Philippe Bouvard on Sunday on RTL, in reference to the retirement that he refused for a long time.

Creator of “Big Heads”

«Because on January 1, I will have established the double record that I hoped for, that is to say 60 years of radio and 60 years of RTL» justified the one who started in 1965 at Radio Luxembourg, which became RTL in 1966, before launching “Les Grosses têtes” in 1977 and making it the most listened to program in France.

«I would really like to have this one (this record, editor’s note), because, I won’t hide it from you, I really liked the radio, and the radio gave me back», added the journalist who looks back on moments that forged his career in “Les portraits de Philippe Bouvard”, Sundays at 6:40 a.m. on RTL.

“He revolutionized radio”

In a press release, the M6 ​​group radio praised its emblematic figure and his “world record” of “the host who has done the most seasons on a station».

His career has “revolutionized radio», Estimated the president of RTL, Régis Ravanas, quoted in the press release. “We understand his choice, but (…) Philippe knows that he belongs forever to the RTL family“, he argued. The program director, Gauthier Hourcade, paid tribute to a “erudite pioneer of humor on the airwaves” with a “lively, independent and impertinent mind”.

After 37 years of hosting “Grosses têtes”, Philippe Bouvard reluctantly left his place in 2014 to Laurent Ruquier, called to rejuvenate the show, which he did not “never listened to since“, as he explained in December to Was-Matin. RTL then entrusted him with “Allô Bouvard”, broadcast on weekends until summer 2020.

Philippe Bouvard has also written a column in the monthly VSD for four years and is preparing a 70th book, titled “Retirement? Not an end of life, but the beginning of a new existence,” according to his interview with Var-Matin.



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