Riots in New Caledonia: the FLNKS informed the President of the Republic of “its invariable determination”

Riots in New Caledonia: the FLNKS informed the President of the Republic of “its invariable determination”
Riots in New Caledonia: the FLNKS informed the President of the Republic of “its invariable determination”

Like non-independence political groups, the FLNKS spoke with the President of the Republic during his express visit to New Caledonia on Thursday. The opportunity for the independence front to reaffirm its determination. He believes that the only solution to “this crisis could only come through a response of a political nature, and not a repressive one”.

This Saturday, May 25, in a press release, signed jointly by Roch Wamytan, Victor Tutugoro and Patrick Jomessy, the FLNKS returns to the meeting of its delegation, accompanied by the head of the CCAT, with Emmanuel Macron during his visit on Thursday. “Following a firm request from the FLNKS, this meeting was held in a bilateral format excluding the presence of ministers Sébastien Lecornu and Gérald Darmanin.” Two ministers presented as “responsible for the failure to exit the Nouméa Accord as well as the current carnage.

The independence front ensures that its objective “is to ease tensions and find lasting solutions for our country.” He informed the President of the Republic, it is written, “his invariable determination to bring Kanaky New Caledonia to full sovereignty.”

The opportunity, also, for the FLNKS to notify the president “the major responsibility of the French government in the chaotic situation we are experiencing today, the end of the impartiality of the State and consensus, to favor the method of forceful passage to the services of non-independence forces”. During this interview, the FLNKS explained that it defended that “the CCAT has continually called for restraint while demonstrating firm opposition to the state’s forceful move.”

To the president, the front therefore reiterated its request for withdrawal of the constitutional bill, with “the creation of a high-level mediation mission composed of French, regional or international personalities, so as to create all the conditions conducive to a peaceful dialogue that should lead us towards a global political agreement.”

According to the FLNKS, Emmanuel Macron “proposed to move towards a de-escalation process in several stages”. The press release states that the head of state is committed not to pass the draft constitutional law. And to devote “global political agreement as the sole objective if, concomitantly, there is noted, on the one hand, a progressive lifting of the barriers which could justify a non-extension of the state of emergency and, on the other hand , the resumption of discussions around the mediation mission installed by him”. According to the FLNKS, the president “proposed to carry out a situation update in a month in order to be able to officially ratify the withdrawal of the constitutional law.”

Among the findings, the independence front regrets that the president “moves only very slightly from its positions.” According to him, “the mobilization succeeded in bringing the French government to its knees” while “national and international opinion has also taken a stand for our fight.”

The FLNKS notes that the subject of the institutional future of Kanaky New Caledonia is finally being addressed directly by President Macron with all the seriousness and commitment that this implies.

FLNKS press release, May 25

Finally, he condemns “the extreme violence of the repression orchestrated by the forces of law and order and the army on the ground”presented as contradictory with the words of the head of state.



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