Apotheosis of the Camon 30 Creators Challenge: The heroine of the adventure

The Camon 30 Creators Challenge is an initiative by TECNO, which aims to empower young people through creativity.

The conditions of this great competition were to photograph according to 3 technical models:

Low light photography: A style of photography deliberately taken in very low light conditions, creating a dramatic effect, often used in film and television.

Nature photography: Dedicated to capturing the beauty of natural landscapes.

Macrophotographie : Macro photography is a focusing technique that involves capturing scenes with very small subjects, such as flowers, insects or water drops.

Initially, the launch brought together numerous applications, among which 16 candidates were pre-selected to be challenged on ILE TECNO. After two elimination sessions in which six candidates dropped out of the race, five went to the final and fought for the grand title of Camon30 Creator Challenger of the year 2024.

Following the instructions of mentors such as General Tchoutchoubatchou, Benjamin Gouba and Ismael l’Ace du Lycée, our candidates competed on the basis of technical rigor and the extent of their inspiration. Several photos stood out, but those of only one candidate were unanimous as to the excellence of his photos. The heroine of this atypical competition is none other than Djémi. His masterpieces, worthy of the greatest photography professionals, dazzled our prestigious jury.

TECNO is not just a smartphone brand, it is a launching pad for young creatives! We recently spoke with Mr. Attai Oguche, the Head of Marketing, and his message was clear: TECNO is all about empowering the youth.

The Camon30 Creator Challenge was not just a competition, it was a testimony to this commitment. We saw 16 talented young Burkinabè photographers take the stage and compete in the ILE TECNO arena. They mastered low light photography and captured the soul of nature.

This adventure which aroused a thousand and one curiosities was broadcast on BF1 television to the delight of 10 million spectators: a first episode on June 16, a second on June 23, 2024 and the last episode will be broadcast on BF 1 LE 30 JUNE.

TECNO makes you relive the magic of the Camon30 Creator Challenge by rebroadcasting the episodes on its TECNO BURKINA social networks, namely:

Episode1 :

Facebook : https://fb.watch/sVsZ9Ls8ax/

Youtube :

Episode2 :

Facebook : https://fb.watch/sVnsfgmhNT/

Youtube :



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