Details of French Proposal for Political Settlement Between Israel and Lebanon Revealed

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar published on Friday the text of the French proposal for a political settlement with Israel submitted to Lebanon and which was at the center of the meetings of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stéphane Séjourné, in the region. The French initiative initially proposes that Lebanese armed groups, led by Hezbollah, put an end to military operations in Israel and adjacent locations, and cease attacks against personnel of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). ) and guarantee their ability to carry out patrols south of the Litani River without restriction.

Israel, for its part, will also stop its operations in Lebanon, including airstrikes, stop blocking radars on UNIFIL ships and avoid any activity that would endanger UN forces. UNIFIL will also increase the number of its patrols in the area located along the Blue Line (border between Israel and Lebanon).

During the second phase, which will take place over three days, the Lebanese armed forces will dismantle all their installations located near the Blue Line, and the fighting forces, including the Radwan Force, will withdraw at least ten kilometers from the border . Tripartite meetings (Israel, Lebanese army, UNIFIL) will resume and UNIFIL will logistically support the deployment of the Lebanese army south of the Litani.

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Israeli soldiers on the border with LebanonAP Photo/Ohad Zwigenberg

In the third stage, which is expected to last ten days, Lebanon and Israel will resume negotiations on the land border, focusing first on areas already discussed during the 2018 tripartite meetings. There will also be negotiations on a “road map” to ensure the creation of an area between the Blue Line and the Litani River free of any armed individuals or groups except those belonging to the Lebanese government and UNIFIL. The document also indicates that there could be an international effort to enable the deployment of the Lebanese army in South Lebanon, which would include funding, equipment, training and support for the social and economic development of South Lebanon.



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