this category of travelers is now eligible

this category of travelers is now eligible
this category of travelers is now eligible

To meet the expectations of many Algerian families established abroad wishing to travel to Algeria during the summer holidays, Air Algérie launched the Osra offer.

This formula specially dedicated to families offers significant price reductions for trips from June 1st to September 30th. However, there are certain conditions to respect.

When launching this offer, Air Algérie first indicated that it was necessary to book at its physical agencies. Now, reservations under this promotion are available on the national airline’s website and mobile application.

Air Algérie: the Osra offer now accessible to couples without children

Regarding the eligibility conditions, Air Algérie initially explained that the offer applies to families traveling with at least one child (or baby).

That said, the company ended up reviewing this condition, thus adapting to the wishes of several Algerian couples without children.

On the Air Algérie website, we can now read that this offer is valid for “ couples (Mr. and Mrs.) without children » as well as for couples with children aged under 20, and finally for adult parents (father or mother) traveling with at least one child or baby.

An Internet user wanted to salute Air Algérie for this modification which will allow several travelers to benefit from reductions. “ Thank you Air Algeria! We complained and you heard us! “, she estimated.

Is the Osrah offer still available for sale on the Air Algérie website?

When launching its Ousrati offer last week, Air Algérie indicated that places were limited. Which is normal for a promotion that falls in the middle of summer, a season during which demand is usually very high on flights to Algeria, even when prices are high.

The launch, on Wednesday, May 1, of online sales of plane tickets for the Osrah promotion gave rise to a real rush on the Air Algérie reservation site and application. Result: some customers did not book, according to the Algerian MP of France, Tewfiq Kheddim.

The elected official asked Air Algérie to plan additional flights to allow a large number of people to benefit from the Osra promotion. He is awaiting a response from Air Algérie management.

In reality, according to the Visa Algeria website, places were still available for reservation this Thursday, May 2. But you have to act quickly: with attractive prices (between €199 and €250 round trip from France), tickets will go very quickly.



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