Chami pleads for an integrated public policy for seniors –

ISpeaking at the silver economy symposium, Chami stressed the importance of seizing the demographic dividend in Morocco before its planned closure around 2033-2034, to accelerate economic growth and promote national development.

In addition, the president of the CESE called for the retirement system to be generalized by 2025 with financial assistance for seniors without a fixed income. Chami also focused on the challenges related to access to health care, proposing solutions such as teleconsultation and improving adapted transport infrastructure.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Solidarity, Social Integration and Family, Adil Ghammarte, indicated that the silver economy aims to integrate seniors into economic growth, by considering them not as a burden. , but as a real opportunity. In this sense, he insisted on the importance of intergenerational solidarity to strengthen family ties and promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

And to recall that the ministry has coordinated the development of a national action plan for the promotion of active aging, aiming to create synergies between the different state and civil society interventions.

This action plan is structured around four axes, namely the promotion of participation and the enhancement of the experiences of older people, the strengthening of social protection and the promotion of active aging, the development of a favorable environment and inclusive of older people, and the development of a legislative framework supporting seniors, said Ghammarte.

For his part, Khalid Lahlou, director general of the National Health Insurance Agency (ANAM), noted that the age pyramid in Morocco is inverted and chronic diseases predominate among seniors, noting that this demographic increase results by increasing spending on health care.

To guarantee the financial viability of health insurance funds, Lahlou said he was in favor of measures to rationalize expenses, while emphasizing the importance of therapeutic and technological innovation.

According to him, advances in telemedicine and home care are essential to improving access to care for seniors.

Furthermore, the general director of Seniors Plus, Tarik Hajji, insisted on the need to develop a new ecosystem around the silver economy which should go beyond models based on state subsidies to result in innovative solutions adapted to the power of purchase by seniors and supported by an incentive investment framework from the State.

For his part, the general director of the Digital Innovation Center of Excellence at UM6P, Rafik El Alamy, recalled that this symposium aims to explore and discuss the opportunities and challenges linked to the aging of the population.

This major issue requires innovation, collaboration and strategic action, he said. Initiated by Séniors Plus and the Consensus Public Relations (CPR) firm, this symposium is the result of a collaboration between the savings and protection branch of CDG, Maroc assistance international, the Crédit Agricole du Maroc Group (CAM) and the University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P).



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