Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 920 of Tuesday May 7, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 920 of Tuesday May 7, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV
Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 920 of Tuesday May 7, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… At the Institute, Kelly hasn’t said her last word! To help the students, Antoine pulls a little too hard… To be valedictorian, Vic seems ready to do anything.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you prefer not to know anything, move on.

Tuesday May 7 in Here it all begins…

Teyssier makes a big decision

After discovering that a former winner of the West region could run as coach of this same team, which had just withdrawn, Salomé and Kelly approached Teyssier. He is their last hope of being able to participate, or even win the Coupe de France. It would also be an opportunity for him to take his revenge against Cardone. But Teyssier declines their proposal: he promised his wife to take it easy.

Meanwhile, at the Institute, Leroy continues to make Jasmine understand to what extent her participation as brigade leader in the Coupe de France is a golden opportunity for her career. Jim agrees. Only the young girl remains firm: she refuses to do such a low blow to Kelly. Leroy, however, encourages her to think about what she would do if Kelly wasn’t part of the equation. Jasmine admits that she would want to participate in the Coupe de France only in this case.

In the locker room, Malik complains to Maya: he already saw himself winning the Coupe de France and creating a network of professionals who would help him open his restaurant… His friend reminds him that he will have plenty of other opportunities to do internships in starred restaurants during his studies.

For her part, Kelly tells her mother that Teyssier refused her proposal. Zacharie, who also learned about it, supports the young girl. But the latter cannot help but be disappointed. Laetitia emphasizes that at least she won’t have to deal with chef Rosset. Except that Kelly would feel ready to face him if only she could participate in the Coupe de France.

After reflection, Jasmine finally goes to Cardone’s office to tell him that she accepts the position of brigade leader for the Coupe de France. She chooses Jim as second, which the director validates. All he has to do now is find a clerk.

As for Teyssier, he joins Constance at the edge of their swimming pool. She suspects that her husband is thinking of Kelly and the Coupe de France. She admits that she was worried about him and his health when he became obsessive about Bleupré. But she also doesn’t want him to turn into someone else. She therefore gives him her agreement to enter the competition.

At the Institute, the choice of Cardone’s new brigade is among the students. Feeling betrayed, Kelly confronts Jasmine who tries to explain to her that her decision was very difficult. Things get worse when she asks Kelly to be her clerk. Deeply hurt, Kelly reacts by insulting her friend, which alerts Cardone. The director intervenes to separate the young girls by summoning Kelly to her office.

While Cardone puts Kelly in his place, Teyssier arrives to announce his decision to take over as coach to represent the West region during the Coupe de France. It goes without saying that he will train Kelly’s brigade. Cardone realizes that they will be rivals. But that doesn’t scare Teyssier who intends to beat her fair and square…

Antoine is consumed by guilt

Souleymane tells Pénélope that students hung portraits of Louis calling him a murderer the day before, before Guinot’s class. Antoine, who joins the conversation, does not find it normal to humiliate the boss in this way. Souleymane and Pénélope tend to defend students whose anger they consider legitimate. Indeed, it is mainly because of Claire that Cardone is now at the head of the Institute.

In order to strengthen cohesion between the students, Antoine decides to organize a tug of war in the Institute park, supervised by Gaëtan. Penelope then understands that her companion feels guilty for having voted for Cardone and seeks to make it up to the students. Antoine admits to him that he also feels guilty about Teyssier. Penelope encourages him to go talk to him.

Guinot agrees to coach Vic

At the end of Guinot’s class, Vic offers to let her try the exercise from the day before to prove to her that she can get a better grade than 8/20. She fears that this will cause her average to drop. The young girl also points out that the boss gave them an evaluation only because she was angry. But Claire believes that this would not be fair to her comrades. She figures she’ll have other opportunities to make up for it.

Later, Guinot comes to the studio to retrieve the notebook she forgot. She then discovers that Vic is training on his exercise. The latter admits that she hoped to become valedictorian thanks to her good grades and that her 8/20 destabilized her. Especially since she still has the feeling of being illegitimate. Claire offers to coach her from time to time outside of class. Vic happily accepts.

They get started right away. Claire takes the opportunity to ask Vic how her studies at the Institute are going. The young girl admits that there have been some tensions since the arrival of Cardone at the head of the school. But she also adds that she completely understands Claire’s motivations for voting for her – particularly in relation to Louis. At the same time, Souleymane arrives and surprises them working together. He invites Vic to come have a drink with Malik, Maya and him. Guinot suggests resuming their training the next day, while Vic joins his comrades.

While crossing the park, Souleymane questions Vic’s motivations in getting closer to Guinot. Vic claims she just wants to improve her grades. She doesn’t play the groupie to make herself look good but because Guinot sincerely touches her.



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