Corporate social responsibility, priority of the CCI

Corporate social responsibility, priority of the CCI
Corporate social responsibility, priority of the CCI

The first steps of the Gers CSR community!

The elected representatives of the CCI du Gers have made CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) a priority of their mandate in order to build a sustainable and responsible economic future for our department.

This is why the CCI surrounded itself with its partners, AFNOR and CCI Formation Gers, to launch last year the “OPCO Trajectoire RSE” course, an ambitious training/action program dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility. , with a first promotion of 5 pioneering companies: Aerem, Aéroport Auch Gers, Eforsa, JCB Aéro and Waranet Solutions.

This course allowed these companies to strengthen their skills and make concrete commitments in the economic, social, environmental and societal fields. By integrating CSR into their strategy, our companies position themselves not only to meet the growing demands of principals and customers, but above all, they strengthen their competitiveness in the long term.

Event around feedback from the 5 companies

On Friday, May 24, the closing event of the first CSR course took place, in the presence of Rémi Branet, President of the CCI and Véronique Moreau, Sub-prefect of Condom.

This moment allowed the managers of these 5 companies to share their feedback: how did the journey go? How do we actually go about launching a first action plan? How to mobilize your team around this unifying project? Exchanges with the room which were rich and which allowed other leaders present to gain confidence in the face of a subject which can seem very vast and to take the plunge to join the next promotion which will be launched in September.

This tailor-made course, co-hosted by experts from the CCI and AFNOR, offers a unique opportunity to our entrepreneurs to tackle the CSR subject in a concrete and pragmatic way. Each company that engages in a CSR approach builds a solid backbone to anticipate present and future constraints and crises.

Building a community of companies committed to the CCI

Ultimately, the objective of the CCI is to grow and unite this community of committed companies and to create a territorial dynamic around CSR. For this, the CCI positions itself as the local partner of Gers companies, whatever their size, which wish to engage in a social responsibility approach. By trusting the CCI, they benefit from tailor-made support adapted to their needs, benefiting from the expertise of the CCI advisors and their partners, and with promotion of their approach to their stakeholders.

The event concluded with a CSR buffet: all the dishes offered were provided by partner producers Tables du Gers, for a 100% local buffet!



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