A renewed development council

The headquarters of the Greater Lyon Metropolis (SDH/LPI)

The Lyon Metropolis has renewed its development council and is continuing its actions closer to residents.

The development council of the Metropolis of Lyon, a consultative body designed to encourage debate between the citizens of the region, has renewed some of its members after two years of mandate. “This renewal was a great success, illustrating a strong desire of residents and associations to get involved in democratic life and the projects of our territory,” underlines the Metropolis.

“We are delighted that this new version of the development council, tested for two years, has enjoyed such enthusiasm, allowing for broader mobilization of residents and greater space for debate. Between 2021 and 2023, it put nearly 1,000 people to work on questions of housing, mobility, use of public spaces and encouraged exchanges around economic subjects, ecological transition and social justice.

Laurence Boffet, vice-president at the Métropole de Lyon responsible for participation and citizen initiatives.

Two colleges

Made up of 90 members divided into two colleges between residents and bodies of the territory, the organizing committee, the heart of the Development Council, renewed two thirds of its members in two separate periods

Some of the 45 members of the “residents” college were renewed. Following a call for applications and a general public communications campaign by the Métropole de Lyon in February, nearly 376 applications were received. On April 2, a bailiff drew lots for 31 new members, respecting a representation of ages, genders and geographical origin – with four members present in each Metropolitan Territorial Conference and one member per district of Lyon.

Some of the 45 members of the “territory actors” college were also renewed. 25 associations, unions and other collectives have just been designated during the vote in the standing committee this Monday. These members are organizations active in the territory in different fields (culture, planning and public space, human rights, environment, economy, social, etc.).

The new organizing committee of the Development Council will meet on June 20 to define its work program for the next two years. It will continue its missions of listening to the expectations and proposals of residents, of open debate and of questioning the elected representatives of the Metropolis. For the record, the 2021-2023 promotion intervened directly and for the first time within the framework of the Metropolitan Council of March 2023 regarding the evaluation of the Low Emissions Zone, to which the Development Council will therefore be associated.

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The restored statue of Louis XIV unveiled at Place Bellecour

The statue had been the subject of restoration for several months, due to the risk of falls and the deterioration of the stone and bronze.

Real estate demand stimulated by the European “Life Sciences” sector

JLL recently released its 2024 EMEA Life Sciences Industry and Real Estate Trends report, which highlights a growing sector driving real estate demand. Particularly in Lyon.

“Let’s share the street”, an awareness campaign for cyclists

This operation organized this Tuesday, May 21 in several municipalities in the Metropolis aims to raise awareness of cyclists and scooter riders about sharing the street properly and respecting the highway code.

A lane reserved for 70 km/h on the A7 south of Lyon

A reserved lane will be raised to this speed from Tuesday May 21 for certain authorized vehicles. The maximum speed authorized on the reserved lane on the A7 south of Lyon is increased to 70 km/h from Tuesday May 21, the Rhône prefecture announced this Wednesday. This decision is part of […]

For the FPI, “the government is killing a profession”

The federation of real estate developers criticized the lack of reaction from the State in the face of a critical situation on the front of reservations for new collective housing and the impact of the crisis on future construction. She now fears a structural impact on the production tool.

Ressourceries, Large locos: the new life of the Technicentre

“Les Grandes locos” was inaugurated in April in the former SNCF Technicentre in La Mulatière, before being taken over last week by “Nuits Sonores”. Resource centers will also take place, eventually, in another building on the site which is beginning to undergo a major transformation.

Closure of part of the Lyon ring road from this Tuesday

The creation of a hopper dedicated to active modes under the ring road requires the closure to traffic of part of the ring road and the Roulet bridge between Tuesday and Sunday.

Cafpi deplores the abandonment of the HCSF reform

Caroline Arnould, general director of Cafpi, commented on the withdrawal of the proposed law on the functioning of the HCSF.

Jean-Marc Galland, new sub-prefect of Villefranche-sur-Saône

He was appointed sub-prefect of Villefranche-sur-Saône under the prefect of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and prefect of the Rhône, Fabienne Buccio.

Oullins: continuation of the traffic calming experiment

The Lyon Metropolis has announced that it will continue the deployment of its traffic calming experiment in the town of Oullins-Pierre-Bénite.

7 proposals from the FFB for the European elections

The French construction federation has formulated seven proposals to make the voice of building craftsmen and entrepreneurs heard by future MEPs, in the run-up to the European elections on June 9.

Good attendance at the Metropolitan Museums

nullThe museums of the Lyon Metropolis have attracted more than 350,000 people since the start of 2024.

A 108-hour project in May to build a T9 hopper

The construction in Croix-Luizet of a hopper dedicated to active modes, as part of the engineering work necessary for the future tram line, will take place from May 7 to 12.

First rail weld for the T6 extension

SYTRAL Mobilités organized a ceremony this Friday around the welding of the first rail of the T6 tramway extension.

Work starting next week rue Terme

From April 15 to 24, the Métropole de Lyon is carrying out non-traffic road repair work on this street in 1er district of Lyon.



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