Do wind turbines only turn 25% of the time, as the RN says?

Cyclists from the 2022 Tour de France in front of a wind turbine in Denmark. MARCO BERTORELLO / AFP

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The question of the day

“Hello, I have often heard during this legislative campaign that wind turbines are useless. The president of the RN Jordan Bardella said the other day in a debate on TV that they only turn 25% of the time. Is that true?” Question asked by Linkedin by Auguste

My answer : No, that’s not true. Wind turbines operate on average between 75% and 95% of the time, according to Ademe. The 25% figure refers to the average load factor of wind turbines, which I will tell you about later.

1/How long do wind turbines turn?

In France, wind power accounts for about 11% of our electricity production – about the same as hydroelectric dams. Wind turbines turn between 75% and 95% of the time but cannot operate when the wind blows at less than 10 km/h – it is not powerful enough to turn the blades – or when it blows too hard – beyond 110 km/h, this can damage the machine. On average, a wind turbine is stopped about ten days a year for these reasons.

But the blades don’t turn all year round at full power: it depends on the wind speed, but also on the type of machine installed. The figure of 25% corresponds to what is called the load factor. Here, you have to hang on to understand it well: it is the ratio between the energy produced during a given period and the energy that it could have generated if it had turned at its maximum power over the same period. Which means in everyday French: over a given year, a wind turbine produces on average 25% of the theoretical maximum power that it could have produced.

All this is well explained in this brochure from Ademe, the transition agency, soberly entitled “Understanding everything: wind power”.

This is a far cry from the assertion made by Jordan Bardella – and other politicians who make the same shortcut. The proof: the share of wind power in French electricity production has continued to increase. In 2013, wind turbines produced 15 terawatt hours per year; in 2023, they will be at 50 terawatt hours – the equivalent of seven or eight nuclear reactors.

To learn more, I recommend the very educational book by Cédric Philibert Wind turbines, why so much hate? (The Little Mornings).

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