13 people prosecuted over Hydra island fire caused by fireworks fired from yacht

13 crew members of a yacht were prosecuted this Sunday by the prosecutor of Piraeus for having caused a large fire on the island of Hydra (Greece), sparked by a firework fired from the boat in the night from Friday to Saturday.

From stupidity to terror. During the night of Friday 21 to Saturday 22, a fire on the island of Hydra (Greece) destroyed 30 hectares of a pine forest before the local firefighters, hampered by the impossibility of reaching the place by road , did not overcome the flames.

Local media revealed that firefighters had relied on the statement of the captain of a nearby ship, who allegedly saw flares or fireworks launched from the boat, named the Persefoni I. The witness was interviewed by the Piraeus prosecutor this Sunday.

A group of Kazakh tourists almost burned down the Greek island of Hydra with a pyrotechnic show. Sparks from fireworks launched from their yacht ignited the island’s only pine forest. The flames spread rapidly.

On Saturday June 22, local police arrested 13 members of the crew of the tourist yacht Persefoni I, suspected of being at the origin of the fire.

An appearance scheduled for Wednesday for the 13 suspects

After interviewing each of the suspects this Sunday, the Piraeus prosecutor decided to take legal action against them. The appearance of the group of individuals has been scheduled for this Wednesday, June 26, according to the public television channel ERT.

During their hearing, the 13 accused denied the alleged facts. For their part, the 17 passengers of the yacht, all Kazakhs, were not prosecuted in this fire case.

Greece recently toughened penalties for arson. The perpetrators of the fires can now be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to 200,000 euros.

Since Wednesday, local authorities have continued to warn of the “very high risk” of forest fires, due to strong winds and high temperatures which have exceeded 40°C in some regions.



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