in personal bankruptcy, Bradley Wiggins would be homeless

in personal bankruptcy, Bradley Wiggins would be homeless
in personal bankruptcy, Bradley Wiggins would be homeless

Nothing is going well for Bradley Wiggins. While his personal financial bankruptcy had been in the pipeline for almost a year, the winner of the 2012 Tour de France and five-time Olympic cycling champion would be homeless.

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Questioned by the Daily Mail, the lawyer for the former Sky rider (44 years old) warns that his client never knows where he will sleep at night. “ In reality, Brad sleeps on the sofas,” he confides. “He’s staying with friends and family. I don’t know where he was last night, I don’t know where he will be tonight or tomorrow night. He has no address. It’s a total disaster. He lost absolutely everything. His family home, his house in Majorca, his savings and his investments. He doesn’t have a penny. It’s a very sad situation,” he adds.

Seen as a consultant on Eurosport, notably during the Grande Boucle, Wiggins would have started his descent into hell in 2020 following his divorce. In total, he is said to have squandered a fortune of 13 million pounds.



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