Tether launches Alloy (aUSDT): A “synthetic” stablecoin backed by gold

Tetherization. The Tether company stands out as the still undisputed leader of the digital stability market. A position not necessarily easy to hold, in an environment stuck between regulatory pressures and fierce competition. Because things are changing, in order to prepare the ground for a possible significant change. With perspective – presented as F.U.D. – of legal proceedings in the United States for its stablecoin USDT. A context under high tension to which its CEO, Paolo Ardoino, seems determined to respond with the offensive. On the program: “Tetherized” assets whose first version is a new Alloy stablecoin (aUSDT).

Tether announces launch of stablecoin Alloy (aUSDT)

Stablecoins are becoming a economy in its own right, in parallel with the cryptocurrency market. A sector in which competition is accelerating, with the arrival of historic players like Rippledetermined to play the game aggressively.

At the same time, the eternal second Circle returns to the United States. A move that comes at just the right time, while his BlackRock shareholder seems determined to redraw the map of the financial sector local, the current version of which is considered obsolete. And the stablecoin USDC could well play a central role

Tether’s USDT remains the undisputed leader of the stablecoin market – Source: The Block Data

A change in dynamic that could cost Tether its leadership position, in difficulty even on European territory. Because the planned arrival of a MiCA legal framework is already considered “problematic” by its CEO. But, clearly, Paolo Ardoino seems determined to fight this battle head on.

In order to stay on course – and its leading position – the Tether company has just announced the launch of a “synthetic” stablecoin. A named version Alloy (eUSDT), backed by gold and indexed to the US dollar. That is to say he will mimic the value and functionality of the USD dollar without being directly backed by the latter.

“Tether’s Alloy stablecoin offers long-term holders the ability to maintain exposure to gold, while simultaneously obtaining a dollar-referenced Tethered asset for payments and the everyday economy. »


“Tetherized” assets with multiple promises

The launch of this new stablecoin marks Tether’s desire to maintain its leading position in the digital stability market. But the real information is found more precisely in the fact that it is about its very first “Tetherized asset.” »

Indeed, Paolo Ardoino took advantage of this launch to introduce the new Alloy platform. A tool capable of creating assets in a version tokenized by Tether (Tetherized). Opening date announced: later this year!

“Tetherized” assets with multiple promises“Tetherized” assets with multiple promises
The Alloy stablecoin is the first “Tetherized” asset

“Alloy is an open platform for creating collateralized synthetic digital assets and will soon be part of the new digital asset tokenization platform Tether, launching later this year. »

Paolo Ardoino

A service clearly capable of creating “ yield generating products “. It is impossible not to see in this mention a direct reference to “yield-bearing stablecoin” Lift Dollar (USDL) recently launched by the company Paxos?

With its new stablecoin Alloy (aUSDT)the Tether company signs an effective entry into the field of real-world asset (RWA) tokenization. But it is also a question of exploring the promises offered by synthetic assets, with the striking force of a leader. So many promises which demonstrate Tether’s desire to surf the new trendsinstead of suffering them.



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