OL – PSG. Bus burned on the A1, ultra-violent fights, 20 injured: what we know

OL – PSG. Bus burned on the A1, ultra-violent fights, 20 injured: what we know
OL – PSG. Bus burned on the A1, ultra-violent fights, 20 injured: what we know


Anthony Soudani

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May 25, 2024 at 11:42 p.m.

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What happened on the sidelines of the Coupe de France final lost by OL against PSG (1-2) this Saturday, May 25 in Lille? At least one fan bus was set on fire and a general brawl broke out at the Fresnes tollon the A1, near Arras (Pas-de-Calais), shortly after 5 p.m.

The prefect of the North spoke to the press during the evening to provide an update on this event which marked the final. He explained how the incident unfolded, taking care not to add fuel to the fire.

Very violent brawls and smoke bombs fired

“One of the two teams was on time. She arrived at the right place. Another of the teams arrived at the wrong place, at the wrong time. She spotted the opposing team at the toll booth (the OL bus),” explains the state representative.

“They went to attack the supporters of the opposing club who came out. The police intervened. There were very violent fights, at least eight police officers were slightly injured. Tear gas was fired. Order was quickly restored despite smoke bombs being fired (on the buses),” he continues.

12 OL supporters injured, three hospitalized

An OL supporters’ bus was set on fire and four buses were damaged. In total, twenty people were slightly injured. According to information from Parisiantwelve Olympique Lyonnais supporters were injured in these brawls, and three of them were hospitalized.

“My children were on the bus that caught fire and of course other minor children and a pregnant woman were on the bus. They were able to take refuge in the fields nearby,” reacted a witness tonews Lyon.

The A1 motorway was closed for many hours at the Fresnes tollbooth.

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An investigation soon to be opened?

“Public order was disturbed and restored very quickly,” assures the prefect. “All the police officers had cameras. It will be up to the Arras prosecutor to open an investigation. » The prefect of the North maintains that the match was “well prepared” by the clubs and organizers.

” There was risks and there was a fight,” he adds. “Lille city center was calm. » Finally, the match was able to take place without incident in the stands of the Pierre-Mauroy stadium.

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