Eure. What to remember from the tribute to the two prison officers killed in Incarville

Eure. What to remember from the tribute to the two prison officers killed in Incarville
Eure. What to remember from the tribute to the two prison officers killed in Incarville

The head of government arrived shortly after 11 a.m. at the old Caen prison, where the ceremony took place in the presence of the Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti, in order to speak with the families of the victims.

The President of the Republic, who flew to New Caledonia, received the relatives of two prison officers Tuesday afternoon at the Elysée Palace, according to France 3 Normandie.

The national tribute began at 12:35 p.m. with honors to the flag, the preview of the troops and the entry of the coffins. The Prime Minister was surrounded by Brigitte Macron, Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Justice Éric Dupond-Moretti and Stanislas Guérini, Minister of Transformation and Public Service.

Gabriel Attal gave a speech, paying tribute to the deceased Fabrice Moello and Arnaud Garcia, as well as their colleagues. “Sentinels of the dawn”, who chose to “serve the Republic and Justice”.

“A commitment to the service of Justice”

On this morning of May 14 as the vehicle advances in the twilight. That Normandy seems calm, that drama, violence and barbarism seem far away. And yet each second that passes brings them inexorably closer to drama and tears, gunshots, wounds and death,” he recalled.

The Prime Minister spoke of the “incessant, burst of fire, which continues not only to attack but to cause death”.

He then delivered a portrait of Arnaud Garcia, 34 years old and who was going to become a father. A football enthusiast, “sincere and passionate” who had “a constant commitment to the service of Justice”. As for Fabrice Moello, who arrived in Caen more than 20 years ago. He had “the ethos of the leader which encouraged courage, this humility, this maturity which inspired respect”, he declared. “He was a respected leader, a beloved father, an inspiring force. »

“We will not forget them”

“They had in common this path to Justice, embraced fully in full awareness of its nobility and its difficulty,” greeted the Prime Minister adding that “there is no justice worthy of the name if its authority does not is not respected. No justice if there remains an ounce of impunity. No justice if sentences are not applied.” “We will not forget them,” he promised.

“So justice is also Fabrice Moello and Arnaud Garcia. It’s Nicolas, it’s Damien, it’s Arnaud. These are all the women and men of the prison administration whose commitment is exceptional, their dedication remarkable, their mission essential. Thanks to them, thanks to you, the sorrows take on meaning. Thanks to them, thanks to you, our fellow citizens know that they are protected,” declared Gabriel Attal before promising the prison administration agents to “give them the means to meet their needs. »

Knights of the Legion of Honor

He then assured that “their deaths will not go unpunished. The investigation is progressing and will continue as long as necessary.” “Don’t sleep peacefully, we are tracking you, we will find you, we will punish you,” he said, addressing Mohamed Amra and his accomplices.

The Prime Minister finished by announcing that Fabrice Moello will be promoted to the corps of director of prison services and that Arnaud Garcia will be promoted to the rank of captain in the officer corps. The two agents were posthumously awarded the title of Knight of the Legion of Honor, then the Marseillaise sounded.

The coffins then left the old Caen prison, then members of the government and Brigitte Macron went to greet the members of the prison administration present.



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