is season 1 based on a true story?

is season 1 based on a true story?
is season 1 based on a true story?

By François R

– Published on May 13, 2024 at 4:45 p.m.

Bodkin, a cardboard series on Netflix, is a creation of the Obama couple’s company!

The series are the spearhead of the platform Netflix. Latest example? Bodkin. A show full of tension, dipping its paws into the thriller, produced by the company of Barack and Michelle Obama. Season 1 of Bodkin is a real cardboard on Netflix. But, in fact, is the series a fiction or inspired by real facts ? Attention, spoilers

Bodkin: What is this hit series on Netflix?

Bodkin is a suspense series, in seven episodes, in which we follow a gang of podcasters who improvise investigators budding. Their investigation? A series of strange disappearances in the heart of an uneventful Irish village. From then on, the narrative framework of the first season of Bodkin smell good entertainment way Investigations of the Impossible Or Crimes.

In fact, the first season of Bodkinis intended for aficionados of villainous news items. The kind of spectators who greedily binge four episodes of Let the accused enter in a row in the late afternoon. The Netflix series, without being voyeuristic, leans towards the devouring curiosity of human beings. That irrepressible urge to slow down in a traffic jam to observe the outcome of a collision or crash.

Barack and Michelle Obama produced the series Bodkin

Even more surprising than the success of Bodkin on Netflix, because this type of thriller series mixing investigations and crimes fascinates the public, the company which produced the show. Indeed, the producers of the show are none other than… Barack and Michelle Obama! Yes, you read correctly, the Obama couple who squatted The White House for two terms!

Barack and Michelle Obama produced the first season of Bodkin with their company High Ground Productions. This is not the first time that the production company has dabbled in entertainment. Indeed, Higher Ground Productions has already produced a handful of films and series since its founding in 2018. Not to mention the documentaries, including the multi-award winning American Factory. It is therefore not surprising that the Obama couple was interested in this series project that is Bodkin.

Bodkin is a larger than life thriller but…

Sorry to disappoint the hardcore fans of creepy stories based on true stories but Bodkin is pure fiction. So, yes, this investigation carried out by podcasters, against a backdrop of disappearance and black humor, is worthy of so-called entertainment.true crime”. That is to say, inspired by real events, as the Netflix platform knows how to produce or broadcast so well. But no, sorry, it is indeed a story invented and then scripted for the small screen.

However, the fictional aspect of Bodkin in no way detracts from the intrinsic quality of the Netflix series. On the contrary. His investigation is reminiscent to a lesser extent of major television series from the 90s like Twin Peaks Or X Files. Obviously, in contemporary times, the prism of the podcast, many of which online shows are devoted to news stories and other sordid crimes, is a big plus for the show. And perhaps even the heart of its success and success on the platform. For the moment, no season 2 has been planned or announced by Netflix for Bodkin. All you have to do is inject yourself with a handful of episodes of Let the accused enter intravenously on YouTube. Good evening !



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