Death of Laura Trappeniers and disappearance of Marc Olbrechts: two weeks later, here is everything we know about this affair

On April 22, Laura Trappeniers (66 years old) and Marc Olbrechts (71 years old) disappeared. The woman’s body was found, but her husband remains unaccounted for. Two weeks later, here is an update on this affair.

Almost two weeks after the start of the affair, the mystery remains unsolved over the death of Laura Trappeniers and the disappearance of her husband Marc Olbrechts. The retired Belgian couple had been living on the Spanish island for around fifteen years. Investigators are moving forward little by little to try to shed light on this dark story.

To date, only the 66-year-old woman has been found dead. Her 71-year-old husband is still missing, as is another suspect.

Return to dates on the progress of known events:

April 22, the last sign of life

It was on this date that Laura sent a message to a friend. The Anderlechtoise expressed her concerns about the tenant of the house that the couple is renting. A Belgian man, probably from Eastern countries.

No neighbors saw this man.

April 24, wanted notice

Laura and Marc don’t show up for their yoga class. An absence that is unlike them, the authorities are notified and a wanted notice is issued.

April 27, macabre discovery

On Saturday 27, Spanish authorities announced that they had recovered the body of a woman from the ocean with a plastic bag over her head. The connection is made between the disappearance of the Belgian couple and this discovery by the Spaniards. The preliminary autopsy report carried out on the body at the Institute of Forensic Medicine (IML) in Santa Cruz confirms that Laura Trappeniers suffered a violent death, homicide type.

April 28, strange elements

The next day, the couple’s house was sealed. The investigators discovered strange elements: Laura Trappeniers’ keys and telephone were still in the house. The back door of the house was unlocked and nothing had been provided for the couple’s cat, as if they had not planned to leave.

May 2, confirmation

On this date, the FPS Foreign Affairs confirmed the bad news: the body recovered by the Spanish authorities was indeed that of Laura Trappeniers.

May 5, discovery of the car

According to our colleagues at VTM, it was “good friends” of the couple who found the vehicle, while they were looking in the surrounding area. It was located “in the main street of a hamlet”, not far from where the couple lived. The vehicle appeared to be unlocked. The police were notified and seized the vehicle.

A knife, sunglasses and clothing were found in the vehicle, which was seized.

May 6, new elements

According to our information, the Spanish police found no traces of a struggle or fight, neither in the couple’s house nor in the house they were renting. In addition, investigators are likely in possession of usable images, because the couple had an alarm system with image capture.

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