5 series to watch if you have devoured “Baby Reindeer”

5 series to watch if you have devoured “Baby Reindeer”
5 series to watch if you have devoured “Baby Reindeer”

Lovers of true stories and the psychological drama genre, here are suggestions you’ll enjoy after listening Baby Reindeer.

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Released on Netflix on April 11, the seven episodes of Baby Reindeer were critically acclaimed… and devoured by audiences around the world.

For those unfamiliar with the story, the show follows the character of Donny, an aspiring bartender who is harassed by a customer, Martha (Jessica Gunning), which awakens in him dark memories of attacks experienced several years previously. What adds another layer to this dark comedy that combines psychological thriller and drama is that it is based on the true story of Richard Gadd…who plays the main character.

If you are one of those who were sucked in by the plot, and who haven’t had enough of the seven episodes, we wanted to make some suggestions for you.

Here are 5 series to watch if you liked Baby Reindeer:

1) You (Netflix)

Without surprise, You is part of the list! The roles are reversed in this gripping series where we follow Joe (Penn Badgley), a man who falls in love with different women and stalks them in order to seduce them. Since the release of the first season in 2018, the popularity of the series has quickly made it a reference in pop culture when it comes to stalking. In addition, this will allow you to watch everything before the fifth and final season comes out, which began filming at the beginning of the year.

2) Swarm (Prime Video)

Series Swarm also follows a woman whose obsession with her idol takes a rather dark turn. On the other hand, unlike Baby Reindeer, where the character of Donny tries to become a famous comedian, in the case of SwarmDre’s character becomes obsessed with Ni’Jah, a famous popstar of the caliber of Beyonce. She will do anything to defend her idol, and her unhealthy interest will lead her down a dark path. We can also see Billie Eilish there!

3) Beef (Netflix)

As Baby Reindeer, Beef is a dark comedy that follows the close yet strange relationship that intensifies between two strangers. In this case, a car accident involving Danny (Steven Yeun) and Amy (Ali Wong) will take on disproportionate proportions, to the point of poisoning their lives. Released in April 2023, the series was awarded eight times at the most recent Emmy Awards ceremony, and three times at the Golden Globes.

4) I May Destroy You (Crave)

This is not the angle of stalking which unites Baby Reindeer And I May Destroy You, but the repercussions of a sexual assault on a person. Just like Donny’s character, in this case, Arabella (Michaela Coel, who also wrote the series) has difficulty admitting that she was raped and tries to regain control of her life. In addition, like Richard Gadd, Michaela Coel also said she was inspired by real-life events.

5) The Watcher (Netflix)

The themes of obsession and harassment are also at the forefront in this series which follows a couple (Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale) who, once moved to his dream house, finds himself the target of a stalker who sends them mysterious letters under the pseudonym The Watcher, which draws them into a spiral of paranoia. The series, created by Ryan Murphyto whom we owe, among other things, American Horror Story And Gleeis largely inspired by a true event that occurred in the town of Westfield, New Jersey.

As a bonus: Misery

Although it is a film and not a series, we had to include Misery to the list, because when it comes to obsessive fandom, the 1990 feature takes home the Palme d’Or. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Stephen Kingthis film tells the story of popular writer Paul Sheldon (James Caan), sequestered by a finite fan (Kathy Bates), whose affection borders on madness.

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