“Yes, I have pressure”

“Yes, I have pressure”
“Yes, I have pressure”

Andrew, the years go by, but you still seem so excited at the dawn of a new season. Is this still the case this year?

Quite honestly, Michel, it’s been a long time since I’ve been as excited as I am right now. I always am because I love my sport so much, but this year it’s different. Jean-Claude Paillé remains my main sponsor and my boss, but my partnership with Innovation Autosport for the preparation of my car excites me a lot. Sylvain Lacroix does not hesitate to put in a lot of hours so that I do what it takes to perform to my maximum.

Sylvain is the father of Kevin Lacroix, your new teammate. Do people talk to you a lot about this new association?

Ha! Ha! In fact, that’s the only thing people talk to me about! Andrew and Kevin, it’s not a match natural to most people. Because we had our troubles on the track, observers have the impression that we are like cats and dogs. That’s not it and Kevin explained it well in his turn The Voice of the East this week. Kevin has always been and always will be an aggressive driver, but he has changed too.

What do you mean?

“I went through this stage too. At some point you understand that you can’t always pedal hard in the hope of winning all the time. There are weekends where you have a car to finish fourth and you have to be happy to finish fourth. Kevin has understood this, which means he takes fewer risks, for himself and for others, on the track.

— Andrew Ranger

Apparently the practices at ICAR and Bowmanville went very well, that you had a lot of fun.

Absolutely. I sincerely think that we will develop a great bond.

You have just had a difficult season. In fact, the last two seasons haven’t been to your liking. Do you feel pressure this year?

Yes, I have pressure. I want to get back to the good place, I want to get back on the podium and be successful. At the same time, people know that I didn’t have a car to go far last season. I can’t wait to ride at the end of the week, and then at the Autodrome Chaudière, to see what I can hope for in 2024. Because once again, it’s a new start, there are plenty of things that have changed since last season.


Andrew Ranger is a three-time NASCAR Canada series champion. (Olivier Croteau/Archives Le Nouvelliste)

Your ex-agent Alan Labrosse is now at the head of the NASCAR Canada series. Do you think this is a good thing?

Without a doubt. Alan and I have had our differences, but he’s a good racing man. He has ridden a motorcycle and he thinks like a pilot, at the same time as he is a good marketing man. He will move the series forward, I know it. If he can start by putting the regulations in order, that will already be a very, very big point. We don’t know the limits on the track and we never know how far we can go with the adjustments. And you have no idea how much that disgusts me!

Will your son Jacob still accompany you often this season?

That’s for sure. It’s a long weekend and he’s with me in Bowmanville. He likes racing, he feels good in this world. He races a little himself at 12, but I don’t want to give in to the temptation of bringing him to a big karting team and spending thousands of dollars every weekend. It has to remain fun. Like it was for me at his age.

You are back full time in Roxton Pond after commuting for a few years between the region and Mauricie, where your ex-spouse lived. Are you happy to be back home?

“Oh yes! I am comfortable in Roxton and the Granby region. Home is here. I find my friends, my habits, I’m on the edge of the lake, everything is perfect. I missed it a lot.”

— Andrew Ranger

Andrew, time passes and you are already 37 years old. But we can’t imagine you doing anything other than running.

I don’t see myself doing anything else either. I have other interests, my academy in Sanair is working well, but I can’t imagine the day when I will no longer need this adrenaline that practicing my sport brings me. I need this. Me, I am very cleaneveryone knows it, but running is my drug.



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