Launch of a protection plan for the Cité des Castors co-ownership in Bobigny

Since 2017, this Balbynian co-ownership has benefited from free support, financed by the Est Ensemble territorial public establishment and the City of Bobigny, intended for co-ownerships encountering difficulties. This support made it possible to validate a transition to a safeguard plan in November 2023. This system intends to create favorable conditions for carrying out work by offering aid for their financing as well as administrative and technical assistance for 5 years, from 2024 to 2029.

What is a backup plan?

It is a public device of duration of 5 years set up by decision of the State (Prefect) and at the request of the territorial public establishment. He is intended for co-owners who encounter financial, technical and social difficulties.

This public intervention aims at the recovery of the co-ownership, in other words at its sustainable improvement, by intervening on the management, the building, the common spaces, the living environment and the support of fragile households.

In the present case, it is piloted by the State, Est Ensemble and the City of Bobigny, in partnership with the National Housing Agency (Anah).

For who ?

The backup plan is for all co-owners, residents of the residence wishing to participate in its improvement.

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The main axes of the safeguard plan

Throughout the duration of the safeguard plan for the Cité des Castors co-ownership in Bobigny, co-owners, residents will be able to rely on the team ofURBANIS commissioned by Est Ensemble on the actions to be taken to sustainably improve co-ownership, namely:

Improve the financial management of the residence

By providing advice for recovery prior to work involving:

  • A reduction in unpaid debts
  • A better accounting management

Carry out work and improve housing conditions

By advising on all stages of carrying out the work:

  • Definition of one or more work scenarios adapted to needs co-owners and residents.
  • Evaluation of the cost of the work required.
  • Mobilization of public subsidies for financing the work.

The operator URBANIS will also be responsible for mobilizing public subsidies to finance the work.

Benefit from social support

The URBANIS team will support co-owners and residents to mobilize additional financial assistance in the event of difficulties in paying their co-ownership charges, their rents or their housing.

Contact responsible for URBANIS social mission:
Jessica Absalon • 06 43 81 52 19 • [email protected]


Will be offered:

  • Of the training intended for the union council and the co-owners.
  • Of the thematic workshops for everyone.
  • Of the exchange and work groups to find solutions to the daily difficulties of co-owners and residents, in the presence of the competent public services (waste, roads, police, etc.).

The themes may evolve according to the requests of co-owners and residents.

What funding can be mobilized?

The backup plan makes it possible to mobilizeExceptional grants from various public funderssuch as the National Housing Agency (Anah), Est Ensemble and the Métropole du Grand Paris.

These subsidies are intended for the co-owners’ association (for all co-owners) and concern the following subjects:

  • Management assistance,
  • Help with work.

Of the additional financing may also be requested from the Region and the Department.

Owner-occupiers experiencing financial difficulties will also be able to benefit from additional individual subsidies.subject to their eligibility.

Translation sessions in Tamil will be offered to the co-owners and residents of the Cité des Castors to ensure the inclusion of everyone in the dynamics of the project.

The URBANIS team designated to help co-owners and residents with their procedures free of charge

This is mandated by Est Ensemble to provide free advice and support without obligationt, thanks to the support of three referents:

► Operations manager
Étienne Cadoux • 01 84 18 09 49 • [email protected]

► Social mission manager
Jessica Absalon • 06 43 81 52 19 • [email protected]

► Technical advisor
Roberta Quaranti Di Paolo

► Contact the whole team
[email protected]

► Hours of service will be offered as part of the safeguarding plan (dates to be communicated later).



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