What should I do if my car is damaged?

What should I do if my car is damaged?
What should I do if my car is damaged?

France was impacted by severe bad weather mixing storms and hail. Here’s what to do if your car is damaged.

It’s been a long time since we last saw such scenes. Several departments of France have been affected by severe weather this Wednesday, May 1st. The inhabitants have thus suffered storms or even hailstorms. Turbulence which could damage cars. If this is the case, what should be done?

Pay attention to your insurance!

Some people may wake up this morning with a bad new regarding their car. Following bad weather and hail present in several departments of France, we must now take stock of the damage. As for other reasonsthere is a way to obtain compensation in the event of a disaster.
In a first timeit is important to look calmly the situation. If you wish to be compensated, you must take into account the damage whether on your windows or your bodywork but also the guarantees subscribed and the extent of this guarantee. In fact, all insurance contracts do not support the damage linked to hail.
In detail, know than third-party insurance does not offer compensation in the event of damage caused by hail. If you have opted for comprehensive insurance, no worries since this covers everything possible damage.
Finally, there is insurance to the third “plus”. In this formula, generally, you will be guaranteed for broken glass or climatic events. However, it is very important to consult your contract before embarking on administrative procedures. Also note that the warranty broken glass only includes damage to the windows and not on the bodywork.

Steps to follow

You are a victim of weather and you are eligible for compensation with Your contracthere are the steps to follow. The first thing The only thing to do is to observe the damage. To do this, simply check the complete state of your car outside. This includes: the roof, the hood, the windows and even the headlights. An inspection from inside the car is also desired.
It is essential to take pictures damage and especially with different angles in order to increase the evidence. Finally, do not hesitate to protect your car by putting it sheltered or under a tarpaulin. You will thus avoid the damage are getting worse.
Do not delay in contacting your insurance company. In fact, you only have 5 days to declare the loss from the moment you discover the damage. If the government recognizes a natural disasteryou then have 30 days to realize your file with your insurance.
The declaration can be made online, on paper, over the telephone or in an agency. You will have to put as document the circumstances of the incident, the damage observed, photos of the damage as well as a certificate of bad weather from Meteo France.

Finally, be aware that it is possible that your insurance will send an expert in order to assess the damage caused by bad weather.



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