Women’s National 1. Sébastien Gandais: “These three seasons at Bruguières are my best as a coach”

Women’s National 1. Sébastien Gandais: “These three seasons at Bruguières are my best as a coach”
Women’s National 1. Sébastien Gandais: “These three seasons at Bruguières are my best as a coach”

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Coach of the Bruguiéroises, who still have two days to play to hope to remain in NF1, Sébastien Gandais has decided not to extend the adventure for next season.

How did you come to this decision?

At the end of the previous season, I had already thought about no longer continuing the adventure with the BOC. Eleven players left in the offseason. But in the end, the group managed to convince me. And it’s not in my character to leave the ship like that. When I arrive at a club, it is for a project over several seasons. And I am also a man of challenges and there, for once, there was an interesting challenge. I don’t think many coaches would have continued the adventure with eleven starts.

Concerning the current season, the BOC still has two days to go and can still believe in maintaining. If the team saves, could that change your mind about next season?

My decision is not linked to what will happen at the end of the two days we have left. The team’s executives have been aware of my decision for several months now and are trying to convince me to stay. But for my part, even if I remain passionate, there is still weariness. But I have a lot of affection for this squad. I have been coaching for thirty years. Without a doubt, these three years in Bruguières were my best. I want to offer a good ending to everyone with this maintenance which is always possible.

Precisely, in the ranking, your team is currently ranked 10th, four lengths behind Nantes. How are you approaching this end of the season?

We remain on two successes, firstly against Bergerac, the leader and we confirmed in Angoulême, ranked 6th. Nantes is our only direct competitor in the fight to maintain. For the next day, we will go to Mios Biganos on May 11, 2nd in the group. Then, on May 25, we will finish against Nantes. If we draw or lose against Mios, there will be no hope of saving ourselves. Against Nantes, we could therefore have a final and we would have to win by at least six goals. Note that Nantes is a D1 reserve. As a result, in the event of a decisive match at the end of May, Nantes could have reinforcements from their flagship team.

To conclude, what about your future?

For the moment, I know that I will stop with Bruguières at the end of the season. If I go back to another club, it will be for a project that really interests me. In addition, I think that I work better with a female team. I plan to stay in the region. I had offers. But for now, I don’t know yet what I will do next season.



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