This 2025 iPhone would be much thinner than anything we know

This 2025 iPhone would be much thinner than anything we know
This 2025 iPhone would be much thinner than anything we know

After the iPad Pro, Apple would tackle the thickness of the iPhone. The iPhone 17 would be the first to pay the price.

iPhone 15 Plus // Source: ElR – Frandroid

If the iPad Pro 2024 is that thin, it would only be a starter. In his Power On letter, Mark Gurman suggests that we should also expect to see slimming treatments on iPhones and Apple Watches.

It was a fashion a few years ago, manufacturers were scrambling to have the thinnest smartphone possible. Photography quickly took over, undermining all these good intentions by multiplying the sensors.

Performance is also to blame for the bulkiness of the phones. More power equals more heat and dissipation must be done via a large steam chamber. And sacrosanct autonomy requires using ever larger batteries.

And whether on a MacBook Pro, an iPhone or a Watch Ultra, Apple has released the reins of finesse for some time.

The iPad Pro 2024 marks a turning point

A trend that the brand still wants to reverse. The iPad Pro 2024 is great proof of this. With it, Apple has found a way to reduce the thickness of the chassis without compromising the performance of the powerful M4 SoC or the autonomy.

According to Mark Gurman, it would be followed in 2025 by an iPhone 17 “significantly thinner” than the current iPhone 15. As a reminder, these are within the overall average in terms of their thickness. It oscillates between 7.8 and 8.3 mm depending on the version.

And this is information that is consistent with what Jeff Pu, analyst for Haitong International Securities, has already put forward, who mentioned an iPhone 17 Slim smaller than an iPhone 15 Plus, but also much thinner.

At the same time, Apple is also reportedly working on slimmed-down versions of the Apple Watch and MacBook Pro. The iPad Pro 2024 was therefore only a whet of appetite.

Apple would simply like all of its products to be “the thinnest and lightest in their category”concludes Mark Gurman.



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