All the PS5 video games you missed at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 conference

All the PS5 video games you missed at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 conference
All the PS5 video games you missed at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 conference

E3 is back in 2024, at least its successor Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest. Following this event broadcast internationally from Los Angeles, several other speeches punctuated the weekend and the week, including that of Microsoft. Around thirty video games were presented, which made the Xbox Games Showcase the conference not to be missed in June 2024. If the PC and Xbox Series have not been forgotten. Here are all the PS5 games you missed.

Xbox Game Studios video games confirmed on PS5

The console “war” has recently taken an unexpected turn, to say the least. Rather than jealously guarding their flagship franchises on their respective machines, manufacturers Microsoft and Sony have made the decision to offer some of their flagship titles to the competition. If PlayStation is a little more timid in releasing its 1st Party video games only on PC, Xbox is coming to PS5. Sea of ​​Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush were the first representatives of this new strategy, and many more migrations are expected in the months and years to come, according to recent statements from Xbox Game Studios boss Phil Spencer.

Our commitment to our Xbox customers is that you will have the option to purchase or subscribe to the game, and we will support the game on other screens. You’re going to see more of our games on more platforms, and we see that as a benefit to the franchises that we’re building, and we see that in gamers, and gamers love being able to play. – Phil Spencer (director of Xbox Game Studios and product manager of the Xbox branch)

The Xbox Games Showcase proves that this long-term vision is not a simple announcement effect. Two major video games for Xbox are coming to PlayStation upon launch. The first is no big surprise Call of Duty: Black Ops 6. The FPS (for First Person Shooter) jointly developed by Treyarch and Raven Software is released on October 25, 2024 on PlayStation 5 (and also on PlayStation 4). And that’s not all. Another first-person shooter video game from a legendary franchise is coming to PS5 Day One. DOOM: The Dark Ages, the latest in the Bethesda Softworks saga, will spit its Big F*cking Gun onto Sony’s “current gen” console in 2025 without further details. Additionally, the first extension of Diablo IV “Vessel of Hatred” arrives on PS4 and PS5 on October 8. Finally, Season 13 of Sea of ​​Thieves docks on the shores of PlayStation 5 on July 25, 2024.

Xbox video games on PS5:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 (PS5)
  • DOOM: The Dark Ages (PS5)
  • Diablo IV: Vessel of Hatred (PS5)
  • Sea of ​​Thieves – season 13 (PS5)

Video games from other publishers planned for PS5

Among the 30 titles presented during the Xbox Games Showcase, the Microsoft exclusives necessarily stood out, but that did not prevent the productions of third-party publishers (or Third Party) from shining. Eleven video games announced for Xbox Series X/S and PC are also coming to PlayStation 5 within a few months for some, one to several years for others, as well as on PlayStation 4 for a handful of them.

The second half of 2024 promises to be rich in new features on PlayStation 5 with at the forefront Assassin’s Creed Shadows whose release is scheduled for November 15. The latest installment of Ubisoft’s famous saga arrives in feudal Japan at the end of the Sengoku era and tells the story of the crossed destinies of the samurai Yasuke and the shinobi Naoe. But the first title presented at the Xbox conference to be released soon on PS5 is none other than Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn. The launch of this action-RPG imagined by the New Zealanders at A44 Games will take place on July 18, 2024. It will be joined during the month by the beta of Mecha BREAKAmazing Seasun’s action video game featuring giant robots.

Now it’s time for one of the most legendary franchises in role-playing video games. Dragon Age from Electronic Arts returns by fall 2024 to the Sony console with a brand new subtitled episode The Veilguard. October 2024 will end in style (10/29/2024) with the return of Maxine Caulfield in Life is Strange: Double Exposure published by Square Enix. And to finish, Fear the Spotlight from Blumhouse Games maintains the suspense with a vague “2024”.

Microsoft and third-party publishers are already looking ahead to 2025 with several proposals that are slowly but surely building up the hype. Atomfall by Rebellion is an adventure and survival game inspired by the Fallout license taking place in an alternative and post-apocalyptic 1950s England. Radical change of style now with Chiaroscuro: Expedition 33. Developed by French studios Sandfall Interactive, this turn-based RPG is set in a universe skillfully mixing fantasy and European Belle Époque.

Comes next Mixtape, an adventure game published by Annapurna centered around a group of friends who embark on one last adventure for their last night of high school. This tour of video games planned for PlayStation 5 in 2025 ends with the last and not least Wuchang Fallen Feathers. This souls-like action-rpg imagined by Leenze Games focuses on the end of the reign of the Ming Dynasty and spices up this historical period with supernatural manifestations threatening the kingdom.

A single video game unveiled during the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 has not communicated a release date, even if it is only a vague year. Naked Snake is back in action without further details in the remake of one of the most emblematic games in the infiltration saga born from the boiling mind of Hideo Kojima. Without Japanese creativity but with Konami at the helm, Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater promises to revisit this video game myth and deliver a memorable visual and playful slap to fans on PS5.

Video games from other publishers on PS5:

  • Assassin’s Creed Shadows (PS5)
  • Atomfall (PS4 / PS5)
  • Dragon Age: The Veilguard (PS5)
  • Chiaroscuro: Expedition 33 (PS5)
  • Fear the Spotlight (PS4 / PS5)
  • Flintlock The Siege of Dawn (PS5)
  • Life is Strange Double Exposure (PS5)
  • Mecha Break (PS4 / PS5)
  • Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater (PS5)
  • Mixtape (PS5)
  • Wuchang Fallen Feathers (PS5)



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