You will quickly become addicted to this new keyboard feature on iOS 18

Apple did not have time to present everything at the opening of its WWDC conference. As a result, certain new features of iOS 18 which have not been announced by Apple are discovered by developers who already have access to the new operating system, via the beta test program. And among these new features that Apple has discreetly included in its new operating system, there is a feature of the iPhone keyboard that you will no longer be able to do without.

According to a developer, whose discovery was relayed by the site 9to5Mac, Apple would indeed integrate a calculation and conversion functionality directly on the keyboard. More precisely, it would be enough to enter a mathematical calculation in any text field (for example, when writing a text message) for the keyboard to display the result of this calculation displayed in the suggestions. Then, the user would have the option to send only the result, or to share the details of the calculation.

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A small addition that will help you a lot

Obviously, Apple is preparing much more complex features for the iPhone, especially for models compatible with Apple Silicon. But by offering the integration of this simple mathematical calculation function on the keyboard, the firm is providing a truly practical novelty for its users. For example, this can be very useful if you are discussing accounts with another person. Indeed, it will be possible to do simple calculations without leaving the discussion to open the calculator.

As a reminder, iOS 18 is still only accessible to developers. However, a public beta, which can be installed by a larger number of people, will arrive later. As for the stable version, it will be deployed this fall. But unfortunately, while iOS 18 is compatible with all devices currently running iOS 17, only two models will have access to the Apple Intelligence suite of AI features: the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Even the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, which were also released in 2023, will not have these AI features. And recently, analyst Ming Chi Kuo suggested that this could be because these two models don’t have sufficient RAM. – Official app

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