The WhatsApp trick to know a person’s location without them knowing it

The WhatsApp trick to know a person’s location without them knowing it
The WhatsApp trick to know a person’s location without them knowing it

With this app tip, you will be able to know where your contact is in real time without them knowing. Here are the steps to follow.

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications not only in France, but around the world. Since its launch, it has continued to evolve to offer a better experience to its more than 2 billion active users. Today, we show you something super useful for your daily life. Have you ever wondered if it was possible to know the location of a WhatsApp contact without them sending you their location in real time? The answer is yes, and here’s how to do it.

A simple method to find out the location of a contact via WhatsApp without them sending you their real-time location is to find their IP address. To do this, you will need a Windows computer. Here are the steps to follow to determine the location of the person you are interested in without them knowing:

  1. Be sure to close all programs on your computer, so you don’t have too much information displayed.
  2. Log in to WhatsApp Web and leave it running in the background. Do not use the downloaded application on Windows 10 but only the website.
  3. Start a chat with the person you want to locate and only them.
  4. Press the Windows key (to the left of the spacebar) and the R key simultaneously to open Run, then type “cmd” and press Enter. On Mac, you will need to open the “Terminal” application.
  5. In the command prompt, type “netstat -an” and press Enter.
  6. All the IP addresses connected to your computer will be displayed on the screen, including that of the person you are looking for. Hence the interest in closing all other applications in order to reduce this list as much as possible
  7. Go to and enter the IP address you obtained in the previous step. The approximate location of that person will appear immediately.

  8. So you can know the location of any WhatsApp contact.

This technique is very practical for ensuring that one of your contacts is located where they usually go. The location, however, remains very approximate and is limited to the region and city where your contact is located, which therefore prevents it from being tracked very precisely.



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