Fallout 4 Pickman Gift: Should you kill or spare this NPC?

News tip Fallout 4 Pickman Gift: Should you kill or spare this NPC?

Published on 05/04/2024 at 9:40 p.m.

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In Fallout 4, you will meet a whole bunch of characters, some of whom may send shivers down your spine. Should we eliminate them or let them live? The question will arise several times, notably during your meeting with Pickman.

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  • Before you start, take the quest “Pickman’s Gallery”
  • Meeting with Pickman during “Pickman’s Gift”
  • Should you kill or spare Pickman in Fallout 4?

Before you start, take the quest “Pickman’s Gallery”

To start the “Pickman’s Gift” quest in Fallout 4 and meet him, you will need to go to the gallery. So as not to make the journey for nothing, our first stop will be at Goodneighbor where you will talk to Hancock. Then offer your services to him.

Then simply go to the Pickman Gallery and eliminate the looters there. Find Jack and search his corpse to retrieve the message. All you have to do is bring it back to Hancock to validate the quest.but that will be later!

Meeting with Pickman during “Pickman’s Gift”

Indeed, after eliminating the looters, you will first have to go to the attic of the place. From there, go through the holes allowing you to reach the cellar. Once there, turn left and navigate the tunnels and sewers.

Move forward and kill the looters on your way until you come across a staircase on your right. Keep moving and you will come across a big discussion between the leader of the looters and the owner of the gallerythe famous Pickman that we’ve been talking to you about a while ago.

Get involved and kill the raiders. Once this is done, you will be able to speak to Pickman who will then give you the key to the gallery. All you have to do then is leave through the door not far away. Once in the gallery, go to the first room on the left to interact with the painting “Stanley on a picnic”. You will thus get your hands on Pickman’s Blade.

Should you kill or spare Pickman in Fallout 4?

By doing this you will end the quest. Except there is an alternate ending. Indeed, during this quest, you will discover that Pickman is a character who is morally far from being a “good guy”. On the contrary, he is a serial killer.

Except that the latter only kills looters. Therefore, quite a few players wonder whether killing him during this confrontation is a good choice. Well, the good news is that no matter what you choose, the impact on your game will be low.

Indeed, if you kill Pickman, you will be able to collect the key from his corpse. If you choose to leave him alive, From time to time you will find his business card on the body of a looter that you will find dead. So make the choice that will be most consistent with your way of playing.



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