Do you still need to master PowerPoint and Excel in the age of AI?

Do you still need to master PowerPoint and Excel in the age of AI?
Do you still need to master PowerPoint and Excel in the age of AI?

A myriad of AI tools promise to create presentations and spreadsheets in the blink of an eye eye, on simple request. Revolutionary progress or mirage to be demystified?

Yes, generating a full PowerPoint or complex Excel formulas now only takes a few clicks. An undeniable time saver! But beware of taking it too easy. “AI offers content that is too generic,” warns Antonin Bergeaud, economics professor.

The spectrum of standardization

Beyond the lack of personalization, the risk is that of growing standardization supports. “We risk formatting ourselves! », warns Sébastien Di Dio, expert in visual design, for whom AI reproduces established patterns without bringing any real creativity.

However, the real challenge of a convincing PowerPoint remains to strike people’s minds and stand out with its surprise. That’s the whole point of “ content designer«: find THE relevant metaphor to capture the audience.

An undeniable saving of time

Despite these limitations, artificial intelligence represents a valuable time saving for time-consuming preparatory tasks. Latest sectoral stats, impactful visual… A few seconds are now enough to compile all the useful data!

“For a presentation on cycling, I was able to learn about 2 seconds the teams having changed sponsors,” says Sébastien Di Dio. An ideal efficiency gain to concentrate on the essentials.

Excel for everyone?

Beyond PowerPoint, AI could also democratize access to Excel by saving the thorny learning of complex formulas. Uninitiated people can then simply describe their needs to the intelligent tool.

An adoption to nuance however: “On the coded, AI can make big mistakes,” warns Loïs Tourneur, Excel expert. So it’s better to keep a watchful eye!

What to remember in the end?

While AI greatly facilitates the task, it will never completely replace human expertise for excellent content. “ 1% error and it’s unmanageable in business,” recalls Professor Antonin Bergeaud.

The responsibility therefore falls on human users to carefully examine and correct, if necessary, any errors generated by AI, especially in spreadsheetsto take full advantage of the efficiency gains it provides.

One thing is certain: rather than threatening experts in PowerPoint and Excel, artificial intelligence will open new doors by freeing up time to focus on what is essential: meaning and creativity.

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