Coupe de : a Dinan-Quévert – Ploufragan derby in the final

Coupe de : a Dinan-Quévert – Ploufragan derby in the final
Coupe de France: a Dinan-Quévert – Ploufragan derby in the final
Coupe de (final four) in Dinan

The first to validate their ticket for the final were the hosts of the weekend. Hooked during the first act by valiant Quintinais, the Quévertois, in the wake of their excellent captain Turluer, made the difference and took off well after returning from the locker room. “Their third goal hurts us. Dinan always maintained a strong pace and we slowed down physically. The score is a little heavy,” confided the QRC coach, Angel Puyané, proud of the course and now focusing on the climb to N1. At home, the “Bleu et Blanc”, assuming their favorite status, will aim for a fifth title.

“We managed well”

“The opponent was waiting for our mistakes. But we managed well and we put things in place with maximum concentration until the end,” analyzed the HCDQ technician, Miquel Sanchez. In the other half between two groups who know each other by heart, the debates turned out to be balanced as announced. The details were then of considerable importance. The different players answered each other tit for tat: 2-2 at the end of fifty breathtaking minutes of crazy intensity. Time for overtime (2×5′) and time for penalties to decide between them! And with this mental and technical game, the Ploufraganais offered themselves the other place in the final thanks to Montivero and Comandone in a crazy atmosphere after a huge suspense.

Dinan-Quévert (N1)-Quintin (N2): 8-2

Referees: Yann André and Noé Herbel

GOALS. Dinan-Quévert: Landrin (3′), Turluer (9′ sp, 37′, 41′, 43′), Pellicer (30′), Baïeli (47′, 49′)

Quintin: Rousseau (11′ sp), Maitrallain (14′)

DINAN-QUEVERT: Acevedo (l.) – Podevin, Landrin, Garcia, Turluer (cap.). Then: Alminana, Ricaille, Baïeli, Pellicer. Enter: Miquel Sanchez.

QUINTIN: Montaland (l.) – A. Le Roux, Palmarola, Maitrallain, Rousseau. Then: Manchaud, Delbos, Lozac’h (cap), Latouche. Enter: Angel Puyané.

Ploufragan (N1) – La Roche-sur-Yon (N1): 2-2 (Ploufragan on tab 2 to 0)

Referees: Ludovic Boschat and Loïc Le Menn

GOALS. Ploufragan: Roux (38′), Le Roux (47′, 56′); La Roche: Mir (26′), Gefflot (44′), Povedano (58′)

: Chedmail (l.) – Roux (cap.), M. Le Roux, Sisti, Montivero. Then: Commandone, Gélébart, Quintin. Enter: Sergio Burgoa

THE ROCK : Blanco (l.) – Povedano, Mir, Gefflot (cap.), Pinto. Then: Thebaud, Boivineau. Enter: Marc Salicru.

Women’s results

Coutras-: 5-0; Atlantique-Entente : 3-2 (after extra time).

Sunday’s program

Women’s final (1:30 p.m.): Coutras-Nantes Loire Atlantique.

Men’s final (4 p.m.): Dinan-Quévert – Ploufragan.



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