the title, Europe and maintenance, the hot points of the English championship

the title, Europe and maintenance, the hot points of the English championship
the title, Europe and maintenance, the hot points of the English championship

Pep Guardiola’s team has not lost for five months in the Premier League, the infirmary is almost empty (with the exception of goalkeeper Ederson) and its schedule is rather easy with Wolverhampton, Fulham then West Ham to finish, at residence.

The month of April, on the other hand, was fatal to Liverpool’s ambitions (3e, 75 pts), winner of only one of his last five matches. The “Reds” are, however, almost guaranteed to finish on the podium.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: a boulevard for Aston Villa

Aston Villa (4e67 pts) holds the rope to grab the fourth qualifying place for the Champions League, a high-level performance for a team close to the relegation zone upon the arrival of Unai Emery, in November 2022 in place of Steven Gerrard.

Only Tottenham (5e60 pts), with a late match, can still prevent the Birmingham club from returning to the elite of European football, more than forty years after its last appearance (Champion Clubs’ Cup in 1982-1983).

The “Spurs” will have to rely on Villa running out of steam, still involved in the Europa Conference League, and achieve a flawless performance against Liverpool, Burnley, Manchester City and Sheffield United.

EUROPA LEAGUE: for Manchester United?

If they finished fifth, Tottenham would grab the Europa League as a consolation prize for next season.

Manchester United also has two levers to get there: by winning the FA Cup final on May 25 against Manchester City, or by maintaining its current sixth place, in the event of defeat.

With 54 points, the “Red Devils” however have a thin cushion ahead of Newcastle (7e53 pts) and Chelsea (8e51 pts).

Depending on the result of the “Cup” final, the sixth or seventh will qualify for the Europa Conference League.

HOLD: three-way match

With Sheffield United (20e16 pts) already relegated, three competitors are fighting to avoid finishing in the other two places synonymous with descent into the Championship (2e division).

Burnley (19)e24 pts) and Luton (18e25 pts), promoted last summer to the elite, are in the red zone after 35 matches, but within striking distance of the first non-relegation, Nottingham Forest (17e26 pts).

Of the three, it is perhaps Burnley who have the toughest schedule with, between now and the end of the season, the receptions of Newcastle and Nottingham, and in the middle a perilous trip to Tottenham.

Maintaining the “Clarets” in the Premier League would surpass, in its golden book, the title obtained in the Championship last season, said coach Vincent Kompany. “ It’s harder, it’s more difficult, and it’s less likely. I think success after suffering or sadness is even better “.

The extra-sporting could also have a role to play as Nottingham appealed the withdrawal of four points imposed in March for a breach of the financial rules of the Premier League. The decision is expected before the epilogue of the championship.



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